Flatheads Co-Founder Ganesh Balakrishnan Receives A Job Offer From Anupam Mittal

Flatheads Ganesh Balakrishnan Shark Tank India

The first week of Shark Tank India Season 2 presented some creative entrepreneurs. Additionally, viewers enjoy discovering fresh concepts and hearing the sharks’ opinions. We witnessed many excellent pitches throughout the first week of the new season, but one, in particular, captured the hearts of sharks and many. Something unexpected occurred in the most recent episode of Shark Tank India Season 2 that genuinely shocked its Fan base. Founder of a shoe company, Flatheads, Ganesh Balakrishnan, broke down into tears during his emotional pitch. Despite not receiving the funding, he is now getting a tonne of support from the audience.


Anupam Mittal Offers A Job To Flatheads Co-Founder

Flatheads Shark Tank

MBA graduate and entrepreneur Ganesh Balakrishnan attended IIT Bombay. In 2019, he introduced Flatheads, which did well throughout the pandemic. Ganesh, however, is currently going through a challenging time. Anupam Mittal, the creator of, offered him a job when he appeared on “Shark Tank India 2.” The entrepreneur’s supporters were Anupam Mittal, Aman Gupta, Vineeta Singh, and Peyush Bansal. He said that if he does not receive enough funding from the show, his company, Flatheads Shoes, may go out of business. He also admitted that they had invested their money over the previous two months.

This came to light when Vineeta commented that he appeared a little lost. The entrepreneur broke down while he was discussing the situation of his company. He also disclosed that if he receives no funding, he will look for a job and that when he finds the necessary resources, he will attempt to revive his business. Anupam informed the entrepreneur that he had a job opportunity open for him as soon as he regained his composure. Also encouraging him, Aman Gupta added, “You are down but not out, my friend.” Moving on, Vineeta admitted that she had also been in his position as the “sharks” approached him.


Ganesh Balakrishnan’s Reaction To The Job Offer

Anupam Mittal Flatheads Shark Tank

Online shoe and sneaker store Flatheads sells footwear created from all-natural materials. Ganesh admitted that being on “Shark Tank India 2” and making a pitch to the sharks was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Additionally, he claimed that it helped him get perspective on his priorities as a family guy and an entrepreneur. Ganesh further admits that he will never forget Anupam’s remark that an entrepreneur’s top priority must be survival. He will follow Aman’s advice to take a break, gain some knowledge, and then bounce back strongly.

Furthermore, talking about Mittal’s offer, he said that building Flatheads had been a roller-coaster journey. He also states that Anupam’s offer was genuine and heartfelt, and he will remain grateful to him for that gesture. However, he realized he needed time to reflect on his journey before deciding on the next stage of his life. Hence, he did not accept the offer because he wished to focus on his business.


Netizens React In Support Of Ganesh Balakrishnan

Ganesh Balakrishnan Flatheads Shark Tank

In a nation with more than a billion people, a man’s decision to uphold his principles while having a business that was on the verge of failure made him a true hero. He was noticed and given what he deserved. Soon after the show aired, fans supported Balakrishnan by creating the hashtag “Flatheads” on Twitter. They began praising him as inspirational and sending him good wishes. Let’s have a look at a couple of them.

It appears that all of the support was successful in his favor. The founder of Flatheads stated in a LinkedIn post that their inventory in India has almost been sold. This shows that there is only hope when there is nothing.

Every entrepreneur faces a dry period in their career where they are drowning in self-doubt. However, they will only improve after they understand and examine the issue. Meanwhile, the reality show airs on Sony Entertainment Television.

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