Gaslight Review: Sara Ali Khan And Chitrangada Singh Shines In This Slow Not So Gripping Thriller

Gaslight Review

This weekend the audience has several movie options to choose from. Sara Ali Khan, Chitrangda Singh, Vikrant Massey, and Rahul Dev starrer Gaslight is streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar. Written by Pavan Kripalani and Neha Verma and directed by Pavan Kripalani, unfortunately, Gaslight is without gas and light except for some good performances from Chitrangda Singh and Sara  Ali Khan.


Gaslight Story

Sara Ali Khan Gaslight

The story revolves around a princess who uses a wheelchair, Meesha (Sara Ali Khan), who returns to her palace Mayaagarh in Morbi, Gujarat, to meet her estranged father. However, upon arrival, she is welcomed by her stepmother Rukmani (Chitrangda Singh) and gets to know that her father is out of town. Slowly, she finds that her father is missing. At night with some spooky turns of events, she begins to smell foul play. Meesha starts experiencing some paranormal activities in the palace and fears that her father has been killed. What is this mystery? Is her father really killed? If yes, who is the murderer? Is there any ghost in the palace? How will Meesha get these answers? Watch out for the film to find out.


Gaslight Review

Chitrangda Singh Gaslight

Well, the questions in the last paragraph may sound too exciting. However, the answers, at a snail’s pace, make you yawn. The story is super slow. It takes out the flow and momentum of the film. Also, the sluggish screenplay does not create any wonder for the film. The eerie silence, dark mansion, footsteps, and creaking doors give you a chilling atmosphere. A haunted mansion, eerie silence, notorious family members, a blind spooky lady in black attire, and a lonely girl finding the buried truth set the perfect tone for the engaging thriller. But it loses its gas, due to its predictable plot, except for the last 10 minutes.

Vikrant Massey Sara Ali Khan

A story that has so much potential but has left half-baked. Even a runtime of 111 minutes feels like a big one. So many loopholes in the film; when Sara Ali Khan falls down stairs, there is not a single scratch on her body. The audience might guess who is the murderer in the first sight. However, the makers keep you waiting for close to 2 hours for this predictable climax. The background score gets a thumbs up for creating a spooky suspense thrill.

Talking about the performance, Sara Ali Khan is good in her role, although not out of the box, but a decent one. Chitrangda Singh, as Rukmani, did perform well. She is aging like a fine old wine. She was crisp with her dialogue delivery and expressions. Vikrant Massey played his character with intensity.


Final Verdict

Gaslight Review

Gaslight has some spine-chilling moments and thrills, but sadly this is all it got. After a point with its extremely slow narration, there is no gas and light left in this Gaslight. However, if you are a fan of suspense and mystery movies, you can watch this Gaslight. We give the film 2.5 stars out of 5.

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