Hi Nanna Day 3 Box Office Collection: Nani And Mrunal Thakur Film’s Total Income Report

Hi Nanna Day 3 Box Office Collection

In a surprising turn of events, Hi Nanna has witnessed a spectacular surge in box office collections on its third day, showcasing the film’s resilience and captivating content. Despite a lukewarm opening, the movie, fueled by stellar performances, particularly from Nani and Mrunal, coupled with director Shouryuv’s adept storytelling, has successfully lured audiences to theaters.


Hi Nanna Day 3 Box Office Collection

Hi Nanna Nani

After a decent hold on its second day, Hi Nanna experienced a remarkable leap on day three, surpassing even its opening-day collections. The Nizam region contributed significantly, amassing a commendable Rs 4.5 crore share, accounting for approximately 50% of the film’s recovery. In Andhra, the film secured a Rs 2.8 crore share, with a break-even point set at Rs 10 crore. The combined Telugu state share stands at an impressive Rs 7 crore on its 3rd Day, Saturday. Thus, the film raked in a total of Rs 15.95 crore.


Global Impact

Hi Nanna Plot

Incorporating the rest of India, Hi Nanna’s three-day worldwide share has now reached Rs 15.95 Crore, a promising figure considering the initial reservations. Theatrical rights, valued at Rs 30 Crore, indicate the film’s potential for further success. With today’s advance bookings showing tremendous promise, the trade anticipates a substantial boost in box office figures.


Ensemble Cast And Production

Hi Nanna Kiara

Hi Nanna’s strength lies not only in its gripping narrative but also in its ensemble cast. Thus featuring the likes of Baby Kiara Khanna, Jayaram, Priyadarshi, Nasser, and Angad Bedi. Vyra Entertainments. The film’s production house adds to its credibility. The music by Hesham Abdul Wahab resonated well with the audience.


All About Hi Nanna

Hi Nanna Mrunal Thakur

The unexpected ascent of Hi Nanna at the box office stands as a testament to the film’s quality and audience appeal. With a compelling narrative, outstanding performances, and a promising trajectory. Hi Nanna is poised to be a noteworthy success in Telugu cinema. The ensemble cast, gripping storytelling, and strong word-of-mouth are positioning Hi Nanna as a dark horse. Thus, it is ready to leave a lasting impact on the box office charts. As the film enters the next phase of its theatrical run, all eyes are on Hi Nanna, poised for a triumphant journey in the entertainment world.

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