50 Video Album Songs With The Most Beautiful Heart Touching Stories

These Songs Are Filled With Heart Touching Stories

Video Album Songs With The Most Beautiful Heart Touching Stories

31. Qismat

If the talk is about songs with touching stories, Qismat has to be mentioned. Although it is a Punjabi song, Qismat has created a sensation in the whole nation. No wonder it has over 375 million views.


32. Chura Liya

Chura Liya is yet another beautiful song that is shot around the scenic beauties of Hampi and Goa. It features Himanshu Kohli along with Anushka Sen and has 75 million + views.


33. Is Kadar Pyar Hai

Sonu Nigam’s Is Kadar Pyar Hai is still one of the most famous romantic songs. Released in the year 1999, Is Kadar Pyar Hai is a mesmerizing song. This beautiful song is voiced by famous and legendary singer Sonu Nigam. The story of the song is about a long lost childhood couple who accidentally meets on the bus and rejoices their story. The spark of the love blossom again. One of the most beautiful songs, watch it if you have not until now.


34. Woh Kisi Aur Se

Woh Kisi Aur Se is a song sung by Agam Kumar Nigam. It is a part of a famous 2009 album called Pyar Kisi Se Na Karna. The story of course is very touching.


35. Chupke Chupke

Chupke Chupke is a very melodious song that is sung by ghazal king Pankaj Udhas. This song is a part of his superhit album “Mahek”. This song is featuring the Bollywood hunk, John Abraham. Yes, if you have not watched this beautiful song, do watch it. John Abraham wearing helmet asking address from a girl and in return gives her a gift. It has a cute love story and very impressive.


36. Kabhi Yaadon Me Aau

Kabhi Yaadon Me Aau is a superhit hindi song from a superhit Hindi album “Tere Bina”. This song features Divya Khosla Kumar. It is composed by Saptarishi and lyrics penned by Nusrat Badr. This song from Abhijeet has a story of a girl whose childhood friend engages with her without knowing that she loves someone else. Soon he realizes and cancels the engagement and reunites the lovers. The story has been picturized beautifully.


37. Leja Leja Re

Leja Leja Re is a beautiful rendition by Ustad Sultan Khan & Shreya Ghoshal. It is a part of everyone’s favorite album “Ustad & The Divas”. The song has the story of a girl who is frustrated with her job as a dancer. She takes out her frustration by drawing the board in the bus stand. Every night she draws something negative happening with her. But the next day she finds the drawing has been improvised by someone. This is a really beautiful story. Shreya Ghosal and Ustad Sultan Khan’s voice are delightful to hear.


38. Dekha Hai Teri Aankhon Ko

Dekha Hai Teri Aankhon Ko is one of the most favorite songs of the 90s kids. It has a cute love story and belongs to an album by the Aryans.


39. Khushi Jab Bhi Teri

The King of romantic songs, Jubin Nautiyal’s Khushi Jab Bhi Teri is another lovely song that is worth mentioning. The song features Khushalii Kumar & Jubin Nautiyal in a beautiful love story. It has over 150 million views.


40. Chalne Lagi

If you are a 90’s kid, this song will make you remember your childhood. Released in 2003, it is from the album Tere Bina. A kid falls in love with a gorgeous Aamna Sharif. He tries to shave even though he does not have a beard. His father sees him doing that and slaps him. He goes to the monastery and prays to become young, and his imagination makes him young, and he starts impressing Aamna Sharif. Later his dreams get shattered when his eyes open, and he is still a kid. Abhijeet’s beautiful line and cute love story hit the right chords.

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