These Are Some Of The Lesser Known Facts About Hrithik Roshan

He Underwent Backbone Surgery Then Pursued His Interest In Dancing

Hrithik Roshanvia

5. Had A Crush On Madhubala And Parveen Babi

Hrithik Roshan

Admittedly, millions of girls have a crush on the Greek God of Bollywood. However, Hrithik had a crush on Madhubala and Parveen Babi during his early days in Bollywood.


6. Had Problems In Dancing

Hrithik Roshan

If sources are believed, Hrithik used to face difficulties in dancing but he underwent a backbone surgery and pursued his interest in dancing and now he is one of the finest dancers in Bollywood.


7. 30,000 Marriage Proposals

Hrithik Roshan

The year, Hrithik Roshan made his Bollywood debut, he spread his charm over the female fans. To conclude, on Valentine’s Day, the actor received 30,000 marriage proposals.


8. Used To Stutter While Speaking

Hrithik Roshan

Now we do not see any flaws in the dialogue delivery of Hrithik Roshan. But there was a time when he used to stutter but he got it cured.

Were you aware of these facts about Hrithik? If you know any other facts about Hrithik, do share in the comments.

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