These Are The Most Important Facts About NCLEX-PN Test


National Council Licensure Test is a test help in the States of the United States and Canada for providing licenses to nurses since the year 2015 for Canada and 1994 for the USA. This license allows a nurse to perform nursing duties in a state where there is a requirement. This NCLEX test is of two types, the NCLEX-PN and NCLEX-RN. Both these exams are developed and carried out by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, Inc.

The NCLEX-PN is for candidates who want to become practical or vocational nurses. The main aim of this exam is to check the skills, knowledge and other abilities that are required for safe nursing practices at the basic level. This test checks the effectiveness of a candidate who wants to be a nurse.


Reasons Behind the Growing Popularity of NCLEX-PN Test


This is not an average test. This test can open a wide career scope for an individual. Nurses must be safe and knowledgeable thus the test focuses on high thinking capacity. The candidates who pass this exam get to work directly with patients. The nursing industry is experiencing huge demand thus the popularity is also increasing.


Why Should Individuals Consider Passing NCLEX-PN Test?


This NCLEX-PN is a certification course which is in demand nowadays in various IT companies be it small or large. The exam is recognized all around the globe. The employers normally look for candidates who are well aware of the nursing topics and also have a good experience and most importantly a certification in the subject. The NCLEX certifications are at par the industry standards and are recognized all around the world.


The Easiest Way To Pass NCLEX-PN Test


This exam is quite a challenging one. Candidates have to put in a huge lot of efforts to pass this NCLEX exam. Individuals planning to take up this course must take proper preparation and study before appearing for the test. Candidates can follow study materials to succeed in the exam. The different online, as well as offline guides, offer assistance to pass the NCLEX-PN test easily. One can find several useful tools that will help them to practice and pass the NCLEX-PN test. The practice tools consist of practice sets for NCLEX-PN, study material and guide for NCLEX-PN, flashcards and etc. There are also online tutorials and practice sets available for free.


Few Details About NCLEX Test


The NCLEX-PN test is structured on the client’s needs. The exam includes major categories and subcategories that are four and eight in number respectively. There are several nursing programs that include specific models like candidates have to appear for separate tests in surgery, psychiatric, medical, pediatric, obstetric classes. But NCLEX PN Sample Online test has all these topics integrated.


Questions Included in NCLEX Test


The NCLEX test questions are normally MCQ’s with four options to choose from as answers. However alternate types are also present. The alternate type consists of chart/exhibit, fill-in-the-blanks, drag-and-drop, multiple-response, hot spots. The basic content of all the questions in the test is about nursing.

The minimum number of questions that are required to be answered is 85 while the maximum is 205. Each question does not have an exact time limit however the complete test must be completed in 5 hours. The test starts with a tutorial and does not include any mandatory break. The candidates are offered optional break after they have appeared in the test for 2 hours. Another break can be taken after 2 hours 90 minutes of the test.


Tips Helpful For Succeeding In NCLEX-PN Test 

  • Candidates should emphasize memorizing and thinking critically.
  • Candidates should know about the exam in details.
  • Individuals appearing for the exam must not take the stress.
  • They should practice an ample number of practice sets.
  • Proper preparation is the most important thing.
  • One should start by eliminating the answers that they think to be false.
  • Visualizing every situation is necessary.
  • Candidates should not take unnecessary stress or panic before appearing the exam.


Personal Experience Of Passing NCLEX-PN Test

The NCLEX test is not quite easy hence one must prepare beforehand for the exam. Going through practice sets and exam guides can be of real help. With proper preparation and holding on to calmness, one can crack this test easily.


Use Of NCLEX-PN Test Dumps


The NCLEX-PN test dumps and guides are helpful and one can access many of them free of cost over the internet. One can even enroll for a course that would assist in the preparation for the NCLEX-PN test.


Tips And Tricks To Enhance The Chance Of Succeeding In NCLEX-PN Test 

  • Candidates must prepare for every part of the test. They must be thorough with the test rules and the structure of questions. Understanding the categories as well as the subcategories is important.
  • Candidates must not concentrate on the 5-hours duration rather they must keep on answering questions one at a time.
  • Candidates who are about to appear for the exam must start preparing at least 3 months before the exam date
  • It is recommended to practice as many questions as possible every day in order to learn from mistakes.



There is no numerical score awarded for the National Council Licensure Test. The result is determined and awarded in the manner of pass or fail. The determination of the pass or fail criteria is declared at the end of the test. The results of the test are not put up on the official website of the test. For the results, notifications regarding the same are sent to the candidates by the State Board of Nursing. This notification is passed in approximately 14 to 42 days of the test ate.

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