Actors Who Changed Their Looks Unrecognizably With Prosthetic Makeup

Prosthetic Makeup Indinan Cinemavia

The makeup gives a magical, physical effect. Moreover, the Prosthetic makeup is the technique of artificial sculpting and moldings to give a whole new look to anyone. The technique is also used in Indian cinema. Recently, Amitabh Bachchan played the role of a 102-year old man in the movie 102 Not Out. Do you know it is not the first time when this technique is used in Bollywood movies? Today we have brought you a list of the Indian actors who were given a different look from the Prosthetic makeup in movies.


1. Govinda – Had Kar Di Aapne

Prosthetic Makeup Indinan Cinema

The Govinda starrer, comedy movie was extremely hilarious. One of the best scenes was when Raj’s friend met Raj’s family. Govinda played the role of all characters. The best one was the old grandpa who was also hilarious. Undoubtedly, Govinda invested many hours in the makeup room to physically fit the character.


2. Kamal Haasan – Chachi 420

Prosthetic Makeup Indinan Cinema

Kamal Haasan impersonated as a 75 year-old-lady in the movie “Chachi 420”. He went through a complete makeover and the changes were beyond recognition.


3. Ranbir Kapoor – Barfi

Prosthetic Makeup Indinan Cinema

Ranbir Kapoor is highly dedicated to his work; he can go to any level when it is about physically resembling the character that he is playing. In a scene in his movie Barfi, his character was shown in the late phase of life. Ranbir used to spend hours in makeup room for this one.

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