These Popular Indian Celebrities Have Adopted Children

Indian Celebrities Adopted Childrenvia

6. Sameer Soni And Neelam Kothari

Sameer Soni And Neelam Kothari

Famous actress Neelam was hitched to Sameer Soni in January 2011. After 2 years of marriage, they decided to have a daughter. Both of them landed upon the decision to adopt a baby girl between the age of 6-7 months. They started the procedure and went to the orphanage to adopt the child. At the first sight, the baby girl gave a cute smile. Neelam decided to adopt the girl and said that she saw a million-dollar smile. The couple named the girl Ahana. Neelam admitted that Ahana is her life she can’t be anymore without her in a later interview.


7. Mandira Bedi And Raj Kaushal

Mandira Bedi And Raj Kaushal

Mandira Bedi is a famous reporter and presenter, she already has a 9-year-old son named Vir. Recently Mandira decided to adopt a girl child. Mandira said that her son was continuously asking for a sister so she decided to adopt a girl child and have already decided her name. The family was eagerly waiting for the child but due to lockdown, the adoption process was getting delayed. But finally, on 28 Jul 2020, they adopt a 4-year girl child named Tara. Everyone welcomed her with open arms and was very grateful.


8. Sunny Leone And Daniel Weber

Sunny Leone And Daniel Weber

Sunny Leone is a very well-known actress in Bollywood. They decided to expand their family and adopted a child from an orphanage in Latur. They named the little girl Nisha. Everyone appreciated the decision of the actress. On 21 June 2017, Sunny Leone and Daniel were blessed with twin sons by surrogacy. She named them Noah and Asher.


9. Jay Bhanushali And Mahhi Vij

Jay Bhanushali And Mahhi Vij 

Jay and Mahhi are very famous couples on television screens. Recently on 3 Aug 2020, they gave birth to a girl child named Tara. 3 months ago, the couple adopted their caretaker’s kid. The girl is named Khushi. All the fans appreciated their decision. The pictures on their social media profile were heavily liked by their fans, where the family was seen enjoying themselves together.


10. Gurmeet Choudhary And Debina Bonnerjee

Gurmeet Choudhary And Debina Bonnerjee

Another famous television couple adopted two sisters. Their decision was immensely appreciated by all the stars of television and their fans. Gurmeet is from Bihar and Debina is a Bengali. While discussing with his father, Gurmeet came to know two about these sisters Pooja and Lata, the former aged 6 and later 9. The sisters are from Jarampur and were forced to work as domestic workers in households. Gurmeet discussed the matter with Debina, and both decided that they will not allow anyone to spoil their childhood. They took a concrete stand and complete all the legal formalities. Now they are happily living all together under one roof.

These were some of the famous celebrities from Bollywood who have adopted children. Adoption is not an easy task at all, it brings up a lot of responsibilities with it. The decision must be taken by the couple or individual very meticulously. There are a lot of children all over the world who deserve a much better life than they are leading. So we must all come forward and spread awareness for adoption.

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