These Indian Web Series Are Must Watch For Everyone

Watch A Single Episode, You Will Get Addicted For Sure

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The Indians shows are a great source of entertainment. There was a time when we have to sit on the couch just to wait for our favorite shows. Well, in the last few years, the internet has become the prime source of entertainment. The Indian web series has a lot of entertainment to offer that we might skip the TV series after that. Today we have brought you 10 must watch Indian web series.


1. Breathe

Indian Web Series

Breathe is a treat for all the thriller lovers. Each episode of the crime-drama series leaves us amazed and craving for more. Undoubtedly, this is a must watch Indian web series.


2. Dev DD

Indian Web Series

The modern era is revolutionized by the terms, women empowerment and feminist. Moreover, it is all about changing the stereotypes. The series highlights the life of a woman who is different than the “angel in the house” kind of personality. She is bold, and no doubt the content will allure you for sure.


3. Women’s Desire

Indian Web Series

Women’s Desire is a story of an independent woman named Lisa, Riya, and Aradhya, Every girl has her own desire and has been portrayed beautifully. Lisa is a techie and she is Raj’s girlfriend. A girl of a new age has many desires from her boyfriend. Once upon a time, a sweet girlfriend turned into a nagging, over dominating girl.

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