On-Screen Love Making Scene Of Jennifer Winget And Kunal Kohli Made Twitterati Crazy

Twitterati Showed Their Humor And Discomfort

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Jennifer Winget and Kunal Kohli made their Big Screen debut with the movie Phir Se. After struggling with controversies the film was released on the Netflix on January 15, 2018. The film was liked by many but there are many who had some problems watching the intimate scenes between Jennifer Winget and Kunal Kohli.


Some Kissing Scenes Between Jennifer Winget And Kunal Kohli

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The trailer for the film was released in 2015 but due to plagiarism issues, the makers were slapped with legal notices. Finally, the movie released in 2018 and the wait gets over for Jennifer’s fans. The film encompasses some kissing scenes between Jennifer Winget and Kunal Kohli and these scenes failed to please Jennifer’s fans who is one of the ruling Instagram television actresses.


Fans Showed Discomfort On Twitter

The fans showed their discomfort on twitter and they wrote that they have only one feeling after watching the kiss compilation and it is “nausea”.  While others said that Jennifer was not comfortable shooting these scenes.


The Chemistry Was Not Good

Many compared the chemistry of Jennifer and Kushal (Her co-star in a TV serial) with the chemistry of Jennifer and Kunal. Some other called Kunal a “Tharki Buddha” (An Old Philanderer).


She Could Have Kissed A Wall Better Than That

Moreover, one of the Twitterati wrote that she could kiss a wall and show better chemistry. Here is what the Twitterati wrote “Those kisses were so bad it wasn’t even funny! jen could’ve kissed a wall better than that she was clearly uncomfortable, she didn’t even want to open her lips for the last, and if you look carefully her lips are completely sealed poor thing, must’ve gone through trauma #phirse”

Watching the video, it seems like both of the actors lack the chemistry with each other. The scenes look completely forced. Hence, there is no doubt that people would hate these scenes. What do you think about these scenes? Share in the comments.

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