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Jhanak 15th December 2023 Today’s Episode Written Updates

Jhanak 15th December 2023

The Jhanak episode of December 15, 2023, which airs today, opens with Arshi and Srishti arguing over Jhanak. Arshi asserts that she cannot simply call off her engagement to Ani over this. However, Shrishti maintains that Jhanak cannot remain at Anirudh’s home. Arshi’s father interrupts, saying that although Jhanak is very talented, Shrishti is still teaching her daughter these things. Because Jhanak is living at Anirudh’s house and not Arshi’s, Shrishti becomes enraged and questions whether what occurred with Arshi is true. Continue reading to learn more about what happens in the episode today.

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Bipasha’s Rude Behavior With Jhanak

Bipasha Jhanak

On the other hand, Anirudh’s family ate breakfast together. But when Badi Maa asks for Chotun and hears that he went to get something Bipasha ordered him to buy, Bipasha spoils the entire mood. Bipasha finds this upsetting and questions whether she made a mistake by sending her husband out early in the morning. Apu declares that she is starving and begins to eat when Chotun comes to the table. When Apu needs anything, Jhanak fulfills her request, and Apu questions why she isn’t eating.

Additionally, Jhanak is asked by Badi Maa to wait ten minutes to eat before offering to help with duties. But Bipasha bluntly informs them that, since she is not related to them, she cannot be allowed to eat with them.


Ani’s Apology

Aniruddha Jhanak

Jhanak then heads upstairs to retrieve the clothes Rumi told her to wear, which are still damp, so she sets them out to dry in the shade.

As this is going on, Ani contacts Arshi to find out why she didn’t call and to check on things. After Arshi accepts, they passionately converse before Ani comes down for breakfast. He does, however, trip over Jhanak and apologizes for his actions from yesterday, but Jhanak requests that he refrain from apologizing to a maid.


The Trip To Chinatown

Srishti And Vinayak Jhanak

At the breakfast table, Rumi suggests that Chotun treat them to something sweet, while Chotun claims to have received a salary of 20,000. Then it’s determined that everyone will travel to Chinatown to lunch with Apu, which makes Bipasha angry and furrows her brow.

As Ani begins to cough, Jhanak offers her a glass of water, but Bipasha grabs it and says she doesn’t have to help. Later, Jhanak declines Apu’s request to tie her hair and her invitation to the treat, saying she cannot attend. Apu threatens to become upset if she doesn’t comply.

What do you think will happen next in the episode? Please share your opinions in the comment section provided below. We look forward to hearing from you. Keep an eye out for today’s episode. Also, stay tuned for further updates.

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