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Jhanak Today’s Episode 27th May 2024 Written Updates: Mrinalini Discovers Choton’s True Identity

Jhanak Daily Written Update

In the most recent episode of Jhanak that aired on May 27th, 2024, the show heightens as Mrinalini reveals the true identity of Choton. Thus prompting to new exciting twists in the journey to the storyline ahead.


A Tensed Beginning

Arshi Jhanak

The episode starts with Jhanak offering her thanks to Anirudh, comparing him with a divine figure. This genuine moment is interfered by Tanuja, who scolds Jhanak and forces her to remove the food dishes. In the meanwhile, Anirudh promises to eat the food Jhanak has prepared for him. As the family gathers, Choton devises a plan to stay away from Mrinalini, who he finds as disturbing. Regardless of his jokes, Mrinalini is completely determined to meet Choton. She shares with the family that their neighbor Bhenu brought her Rabdi, causing confusion and turmoil since Choton was sent to get it. The family, anxious to know the secret, shows Mrinalini a picture of Choton. She at last recognizes him, realizing he was the one she met before.

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Heartfelt Discussions

Afterward, Anjana comforts Jhanak, who is upset that Anirudh couldn’t eat the food she made. We see that Jhanak made comforting food related to the Kashmir delicacy for Anirudh. Also, Anjana insists Jhanak to eat, considering her upcoming journey to Kashmir. But since her underlying hesitance and tension, Jhanak ultimately agrees. The show then moves to Anirudh approaching Jhanak, assuring her of the police protection for her exams in Kashmir. He reveals he canceled his birthday plans, silently indicating his love for her.


A Touching Moment For Jhanak

Jhanak Written Update

Anirudh convinces Jhanak to share the dinner she made. She heats the food, reflecting her dedication to Anirudh. Their bond deepens as they plan to eat together, despite the familial limitations. In the episode, Jhanak shows up in Kashmir under police protection.  In any case, things take a dark turn when the inspector informs Anirudh that Jhanak is missing, hinting at a kidnapping planned by Tejas. The following episode guarantees more anticipation as Jhanak’s safety remains in a precarious situation. How might Anirudh and the family answer this new emergency?

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