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Jhanak 22nd December 2023 Today’s Episode Written Updates

Jhanak Latest Episode Update

The Jhanak episode from December 22, 2023, begins with Arshi asking Jhanak if anyone has ever married her. This embarrasses Jhanak, who responds, “I’ll close the matter now.” In the meantime, Jhanak gets advice from Thammi not to carry such clothing. She further asks how she manages to bring such items with her. Jhanak enters her room and swears to flow them away in Ganga, confirming that this saree and sindoor will no longer bother them. Subsequently, she enters Anirudh’s chamber and asks him to pour the items into the water.

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Jhanak Acts Stubborn

Apu Jhanak

The proposal takes Anirudh’s aback and inquires of whether she has continued to consider that marriage. Anirudh asks Jhanak to continue and concentrate on her education to support herself. She clarifies, though, that she doesn’t even want to live in his house and that she has been missing Kashmir and wants to return there as soon as possible. Even though Anirudh warns her that Tejas will likely kill her and disturb her again, she continues to act stubbornly.

He further asks her if she wants to live in prison since he doesn’t understand her behavior. However, Jhanak doesn’t seem to be getting any better. She is asked by Anirudh to concentrate on her dream and to study because the unpleasant surroundings will eventually pass. Then, to purchase books for her, he asks for the book list.

Jhanak requests that Anirudh throw away the saree and sindoor because they are meaningless to anyone. After she arranges the sindoor and saree on the table, Anirudh decides to store her belongings securely in his cupboard.


Ani Apologizes To Arshi

Aniruddha Jhanak

Afterward, Anirudh visits the Mukherjees to speak with Arshi and to express his regret for hurting Vinayak and Shristi. Shristi also chastises Anirudh for supporting Jhanak and her while claiming to be able to care for Arshi. She asserts vehemently that she is a nasty person because Rahul is her boyfriend, and both of them have abused her.

But Anirudh keeps being provoked by Shrishti to go against Jhanak, so Vinayak tells Anirudh to go upstairs to see Arshi. However, Shristi decides to infuse a dislike for Jhanak in Anirudha.

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