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Jhanak 25th December 2023 Today’s Episode Written Updates

Jhanak Latest Episode

The Jhanak episode from December 25, 2023, begins with the family getting ready for Arishi’s birthday, leading Jhanak to think about how her birthday is the next day. But since she used to celebrate her birthday when Urvashi was there, there isn’t anyone to wish her a happy birthday right now. Thus, she enters Anirudha’s room after getting her mother to reaffirm her responsibilities for the following day.

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Jhanak Hugs Apu

Apu Jhanak

The following day, everyone decorates the entire house excellently and elegantly. Apu questions the family why they don’t celebrate her birthday as she strolls around the house, admiring the decorations. She learns from her father and grandmother that her spouse will lavishly celebrate her birthday after marriage.

Apu becomes ecstatic about her impending marriage, which causes Anirudha’s parents to order the elders to keep their mouths shut about it. When she approaches Jhanak to inquire about her birthday, Jhanak sobs at the mention of it. She hugs Apu as a result, and they both dance happily as Apu makes her happy. Jhanak recalls her childhood and how she spent her birthday with Urvashi while dancing.


Rahul’s Call


After some time, Anirudha brings Arshi to the house, where he treats Arshi to a lovely surprise. Arshi didn’t anticipate the surprise, but the whole family became animated when she walked inside the house. Arshi thanks Anirudh and says she’s overwhelmed by the birthday preparations. Anirudh answers calls from someone who keeps calling during their talk.

Rahul calls Anirudh, asking him to give Jhanak the phone since it’s his birthday. Anirudh scolds Rahul in a rage because he believes Rahul is dating her despite Rahul’s denials. After Rahul describes how Shrishti’s jealousy of Urvashi burned her, Anirudh hands Jhanak the phone. Arshi keeps calling Anirudh, but he never shows up after handing her the phone.


Happy Birthday Jhanak!

Jhanak Hiba Nawab

In their conversation, Rahul wishes Jhanak a happy birthday and mentions that Anirudha thought he was her lover. It turns out that Rahul loves her, but it is one-sided. She further advises Rahul not to contact Anirudha’s number. However, Arshi starts and finishes cutting his cake, which prompts the family to take photos. But because Jhanak is holding his phone, Anirudha becomes agitated.

As she is standing with her back to Rahul, Anirudh approaches her and overhears her, telling him that everyone loves her. Jhanak, speaking to Rahul on Anirudha’s phone, orders her to hang up and tells him to give Urvashi flowers—Anirudha questions why there are lights on for Arshi’s birthday but none for Jhanak’s. Anirudha feels increasingly uncomfortable about this, but he conceals it and approaches her, who hands him the phone. Jhanak looks at Anirudh as he wishes her a happy birthday, and she quickly wipes her tears and leaves.

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