Google Year In Search: Check Out The 10 Most Searched Movies In 2022 Globally

Thor: Love and Thunder, The Batman, And More

Top 10 Most Searched Movies In 2022 Globally

The year 2022 is about to come to an end. Furthermore, it is safe to say that 2022 was a fantastic year with regard to the movies that premiered. Be it Indian movies or the ones from a far-off land, all did great. So much so that many have even made it to the list of most-searched movies in 2022. Yes, you are reading it right. Today, Google India has announced the names of the most searched movies in its ‘Year in Search 2022’ list. In addition to plenty of foreign movies, Indian movies have also been featured in this list. So, if you are curious to know about these top 10 most searched movies on google globally, then you are at the right place.

From Black Adams to KGF: Chapter 2, here is a list of the most searched movies in 2022 globally.


1. Thor: Love And Thunder

Thor Love And Thunder

Marvel Cinematic Universe has a huge worldwide fan following. Therefore, it goes without saying that the first spot is secured by an MCU movie. For the year 2022, the most searched movie on google is none other than Thor: Love and Thunder. Our beloved Chris Hemsworth, aka Thor, has ruled everyone’s heart for ages. This year is also no exception.


2. Black Adam

Black Adam

Starring Dwayne Johnson in the pivotal role, Black Adam secures the second spot in this list. Furthermore, in this Action/Adventure, the crew has done a fantastic job with the VFX and animation. In addition, the film has a Metacritic score of 41 and a Rotten Tomatoes audience score of 39 percent.


3. Top Gun: Maverick

Top Gun Maverick

The next movie on the list of most searched movies in 2022 is Top Gun: Maverick. After hibernating for almost three decades, Tom Cruise made his comeback as Maverick. To say that his return was more than just a bang would be an understatement.


4. The Batman


Robert Pattinson is a gorgeous, talented actor, and as Batman, he looks even more attractive. People loved his casting as Batman so much that his film became the fourth most searched movie in 2022. Furthermore, Bob Kane and Bill Finger have co-created this newest Batman rendition.


5. Encanto


It would have been a shame if an animated movie as great as Encanto did not make it onto this list. The plot of this musical fantasy comedy revolves around the Madrigals, an extraordinary family who live hidden in the mountains of Colombia.


6. Brahmastra: Part One – Shiva

Ranbir Alia Parenting

Part 1 of Ayan Mukerji’s aspiring trilogy, Brahmastra, secured the sixth position in the list of most searched movies in 2022. Furthermore, this Indian masterpiece is said to have the best VFX.


7. Jurassic World: Dominion

Jurassic World Dominion

Dinosaurs live and hunt alongside humans all over the world; if this is not an exciting and appealing plot, then what is? Jurassic World: Dominion is all about it. Therefore, it secured the seventh position.


8. KGF: Chapter 2

Yash KGF Chapter 2

KGF: Chapter 2, the second installment of KGF, was one of the most highly awaited films of the year. To say worldwide would not be so wrong. The story of Vijendra Ingalgi, son of Anand Ingalgi, was loved by the audience very much.


9. Uncharted


Our favorite spider, Tom Holland, did a great job as Nathan Drake in Uncharted. Group of treasure hunters that travel across the world to find historical mysteries is worth securing the ninth place.


10. Morbius


If the first place is secured by an MCU movie, then so shall the last. Following this mantra, the last movie that comes under the list of most searched movies in 2022 is Morbius. The plot revolves around how Dr. Morbius suffers from a rare disease and helps to save others from the same terrifying disease as well.

Which of the movies above was your favorite? Do tell us via the comments below. 

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