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Jhanak Today’s Episode 20th May 2024 Written Updates: Jhanak And Anirudh’s Unexpected Adventure

Jhanak Update

In the most recent episode of Jhanak, Anirudh and Jhanak found themselves having a difficult time. As they head to their car, the stormy weather conditions raise the vibe for a dramatic evening.


Jhanak Stranded In The Storm


Anirudh and Jhanak struggle with a car that isn’t starting, but finally, it starts. However, the relief is short-lived. Stormy weather conditions incur a significant toll on the car, and the car stops once again. Anirudh tries to avoid panicking, but Jhanak is visibly shaken. He consoles her, recommending they take shelter under a close by shade to wait for the storm.


Shelter In The Rain

The scene escalates as the rain pours more heavily, creating a bad weather condition. Anirudh and Jhanak proceed toward the shelter, with Anirudh’s defensive nature as he holds Jhanak nearby to him. Notwithstanding the risk, a tender moment arises as they wait for the storm will pass. In the meantime, back at home, tensions keep on rising to know the whereabouts of Jhanak & Anirudh. Shubh is persuaded Jhanak wouldn’t commit such a mistake, while Arshi stays critical. Anjana, caught in the middle, safeguards Jhanak, emphasizing her supportive nature.

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Unexpected Confessions

Jhanak Tejas

The stormy night made the weather a bit cold. So to adjust that and make it more comfortable Anirudh ignites a fire to keep them warm. Therefore the mood shifts to a more intimate setup making Jhanak & Anirudh close. Jhanak stresses over the consequences of their delay, however Anirudh urges her to enjoy the moment. He quietly hints at their past, helping her to remember their secret temple marriage. This snapshot of vulnerability makes a huge connection between them, leaving watchers wanting more.


Home Awaiting For Anirudh

Back at home, tension mounts over the delay. With Anirudh’s mobile off and no indication of their return, Arshi’s skepticism develops. She chooses to call Anirudh’s office, finding he left at 5 PM. Therefore deepening the mystery of their location.


Birthday Surprises


In the precap, Anirudh and Jhanak at long last leave for home, with Jhanak wishing him a happy birthday. Nonetheless, Arshi speculates they won’t return that night. Therefore adding a layer of tension to the unfurling show. Bablu suggests visiting the police station, featuring the family’s growing concern. The family drama will grow more intense in the episodes to come. So remain tuned for additional exciting twists in the journey as Anirudh and Jhanak explore their unforeseen experience!

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