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Jhanak Today’s Episode 25th May 2024 Written Updates: Tejas Re-Enters The Scene

Jhanak Today's Episode Written Update

The most recent episode of “Jhanak” on May 25th, 2024, showed us the extreme blend of emotions and heartfelt moments. The episode is unfurling the scenes related to the celebration of Anirudh’s birthday later getting Jhanak kidnapped. Therefore leaving fans as eager and anxious as can be for upcoming episodes. The day was filled with celebrations, serious arguments, and a shocking twist.


A Joyful Start For Jhanak

Jhanak Hiba Nawab

Bablu invites Choton for a shopping binge, with Anjana volunteering to cook for Anirudh. Bablu, Choton, and Anjana share energetic chitchat about sweets and ensure that all they buy is first class. Jhanak joins in, mentioning a few insights on her upcoming trip, and showing her gratitude for their support.


A Shocking Twist

Jhanak Tejas

After arriving at Kashmir, Jhanak experiences an inspector claiming Anirudh sent him for her safety. Believing him, she goes with him, just to be kidnapped by Tejas. Tejas, bragging over Shrishti’s precise information, confirms Jhanak’s capture, making way for a tense showdown.

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Heartfelt Celebrations

Also amidst all the celebrations and happy moments back at home, Jhanak expresses her desire to stay with her friends, grateful for their enduring help. She plans a celebration with Kashmir’s special dishes, showing her appreciation towards Anirudh for his help during difficult times. Anjana shares empowering words, wishing the best for Jhanak’s future success.


Anirudh’s Birthday Bash

Anirudh Krushal Ahuja Jhanak

Anirudh’s birthday celebration brings happiness to the family and excitement for others. Anirudh offers thanks and seeks everybody’s blessings. Also, the guests, including Arshi and her parents, show up with gifts and blessings for him. Dadi performs a traditional ritual of welcoming, and guests give him birthday wishes. Arshi leads a birthday song, while Shrishti ensures everything is going great. Despite his busy schedule, Anirudh joined the celebration, greeted warmly and heartily by everybody.  Dadi presents a unique gift, and Anjana and Bablu give him his most loved t-shirt, notwithstanding concerns about repetitiveness.


A Memorable Evening

The celebrations continue ahead with blessings for Anirudh. We see that the celebration ends with Bipasha appreciating and praising Rumi for the decorations & Shubh blessing Arshi and Anirudh. “Jhanak” keeps watchers glued with its blend of serious drama, emotional revelations, and heartfelt moments along with surprising twists.


An Emotional Farewell

Jhanak Written Update

As Jhanak gets ready to leave for her journey, she imparts a heartfelt moment to Anjana. Anjana thanks Jhanak for her relentless help and reminds her to stay happy. Choton consoles Jhanak that she can anytime depend on him and Anirudh for further help. Jhanak, filled up with love, vows to return for Appu’s wedding and engagement to keep in contact. This heartfelt goodbye highlights major areas of strength and profound connections that characterize the people in “Jhanak”. Therefore adding deepness to the storyline and leaving watchers enthusiastically expecting Jhanak’s upcoming episodes and the outcome of her unforeseen kidnapping.

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