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Jhanak Today’s Episode 26th May 2024 Written Updates: Jhanak’s Gift And Anirudh Faces Family Turmoil

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In the most recent episode of Jhanak, we see that Anirudh’s birthday celebration quickly transforms into a sensational occasion as family tensions further rise. The show today features a series of emotional showdowns and serious moments. Arshi is all set to tie knots with Anirudh but the revelations now and then are making her paranoid. Shrishti and Arshi are forced always to let down Jhanak and insult her. The episode also shows a powerful moment as Anirudh stands by Jhanak, indicating further bonds and unresolved conflicts inside the family.


Gifts And Expectations

Jhanak Latest Written Updates

Anirudh gets multiple gifts from his relatives. His parents ask him to consider marrying Arshi, believing he will move on and begin over again. In the meantime, Shubh expresses his anxiety about Jhanak disturbing their relationship. He urges Arshi to trust AnirudhAmidof the celebration, Anirudh enthusiastically receives a gift from Jhanak, watching out for her.


Engagement Drama

Shrishti and Vinayak present Anirudh with a costly gold chain, followed by Arshi, who gifts him a beautiful ring. In any case, the mood shifts when Anirudh feels uncomfortable as Arshi puts the ring on his finger. Dadi proposes that he reciprocate by making Arshi wear a ring, but Anirudh refuses, leaving Jhanak puzzled. He explains his decision to Arshi, attempting to manage the delicate situation.


Jhanak’s Heartfelt Gesture

Jhanak Hiba Nawab

Jhanak then asks Appu to gift a chocolate to Anirudh. Although it is a little but meaningful gift to him. Dadi performs a puja for him, and Appu, following Jhanak’s request, sits close to Anirudh, regardless of Shubh’s objections. The family sees Choton’s absence, however he arrives, leading an abnormal encounter with Mrinalini. Choton pretends to be a guest, staying away from a possible conflict.

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Conflict In The Kitchen

Jhanak prepares an exceptional Kashmiri dinner for Anirudh and his family. In any case, Shrishti and Arshstealls her efforts, with Arshi feeding Anirudh the sweets made for him. Tensions ascend as Shrishti censures Jhanak, considering her misfortune and unworthy of preparing food for Anirudh. Despite of the harsh words, Jhanak stays sane and lies to safeguard Anirudh from additional distress.


Anirudh Stands Up

Anirudh Krushal Ahuja Jhanak

Anirudh, tired of the harsh words towards Jhanak, defends her efforts. He also challenges and confronts Shrishti’s insults and expresses his admiration for tasting Jhanak’s food. His parents, worried about upsetting Shrishti, prompt against it. Apart from all this, Bablu supports Jhanak, also believing her hard effort shouldn’t go unnoticed. Therefore Jhanak guarantees the family she possibly needed to share her food assuming that it would give happiness, not hurt anyone. Therefore remain tuned for additional exciting turns in the journey in Jhanak as the story keeps on unfurling!

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