MasterChef Australia 20 June 2023, Season 15 Episode 32 Mystery Box Challenge

Masterchef Australia Season 15 Episode 25

With these outstanding and delicious dishes from the talented participants of MasterChef Australia 2023, which is presently available on Disney+ Hotstar in India, get ready to change your opinion about squid if you’re not already a fan. Each dish, from Theo Loizou’s mouthwatering Sri Lankan Charred Flavoured Squid to Adi Nevgi’s fiery and fragrant Maharashtrian Squid Curry, promises an explosion of unique and powerful flavors that will have you falling head over heels for squid. Furthermore, if you’re getting ready to serve seafood for dinner today, try these delectable Master Chef squid dishes. Read on to know more.


MasterChef Australia: Mystery Box Challenge

MasterChef Australia S15

The MasterChef contestants will have 75 minutes to create a dish that will amaze the judges after bursting open their mystery boxes tonight. The judges have upped the bar as the competition draws closer to its conclusion. For the three least stunning dishes, there will be a pressure test next.


The Mouthwatering Dishes

MasterChef Australia S15 Ep 32
  • Maharashtrian squid curry from Adi Nevgi

Authentic to Maharashtra, this dish has squid. A simple dish that uses spicy Kashmiri chilies, aromatic turmeric, and also sour tamarind! Enjoy this dish together with some aromatic saffron rice for a lovely fusion of tastes.

  •  Cath Collins’s Squid Ceviche

Ceviche is a light and tangy meal that brings out the freshness of the squid. It’s a dish that’s quick and simple to prepare at home. You’ll be craving for more after tasting the combination of tender squid, tart citrus liquids, and a hint of spice, which is best enjoyed as an entrée.

  • Peri Peri Squid by Theo Loizou

A squid, some red chilies, garlic, and lemons are all that is required. You must try this meal if you have ten minutes! The cool twist amplifies the heat and improves the taste. Simple but difficult to prepare, peri peri-squid combines simplicity and spice.

  • Brent Draper’s Sri Lankan Charred Whole Squid

This dish is a delight for the eyes and the mouth since it has a whole squid that has been beautifully grilled and coated in a delicious Sri Lankan curry sauce. This smoky delight transports you to Sri Lanka with just a few simple ingredients!

  • Rue Mupedzi’s Poached Squid with Prawn Sauce

A hearty seafood stew like Poached Squid with Prawn Sauce can keep you cozy on an icy evening. The tasty and delicate meal just needs a few minutes to create, but it will take you an eternity to savor it!

  • Grace Jupp’s Ajvar Squid

Squid with ajvar is a simple yet tasty meal full of red pepper’s beneficial properties and spices. Every taste is worthwhile waiting for, especially when topped with roasted veggies and drizzled with healthy parsley and lemon oil.

Tuesday, June 20, 2023, at 7.30 p.m., Channel 10 will broadcast Mystery Box Challenge.

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