Arun Govil (Shree Ram) And Vikram Mastal (Hanumanji) From Ramayana Slam The Makers Of Adipurush

Arun Govil Vikram Mastal Adipurush

Adipurush,’ directed by Om Raut, was a subject of controversy even before it was released. After it was released, not much has changed. On Friday, June 16, the film finally screened in theatres; since then, reviews have been coming in. It provides a contemporary version of the Hindu epic Ramayana for people who don’t know. Many viewers berated the film’s producers for hurting their feelings, while others condemned the character’s slang-filled language. Arun Govil, who portrayed Shree Ram in Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana, has spoken out about the movie. Continue reading to know more about it. Happy Reading!


Arun Govil Expresses His Opinion On Adipurush

Arun Govil Lord Ram In Ramayan

Arun Govil is still known for his iconic character of Lord Ram in Ramayana. Recently a few days ago, a video got viral in which a woman was seen touching the feet of Arun Govil at the airport out of respect for Lord Ram. Arun Govil is immortal as Lord Ram. Here is the video of the airport.


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In an interview with ABP News, Arun Govil talked about the film Adipurush and said,

“Ramayana is a matter of faith for us and to tamper with its form in any way is unacceptable. Movie’s special effects are a different aspect, it’s about presenting the characters in the right way, which has to be considered with utmost seriousness.”

He added,

“I don’t support this kind of language in Ramayana. I don’t understand what the makers thought of making this film. If the makers have made this film for children, then ask them, have they liked it?”

Arun Govil further criticized the film’s creators for altering the epic and named the Prabhas and Kriti Sanon starrer “Hollywood Ki Cartoon.”

“What was wrong with the depiction we have all known and loved for all these years? What was the need to change things? Perhaps the team doesn’t have proper faith in Lord Rama and Sita, and that is why they made these changes.”


Vikram Mastal, Hanumanji From Ramayana Slams Manoj Muntashir

Vikram Mastaal Cinetales

Vikram Mastal has played a terrific role as Lord Hanuman in NDTV’s Ramayana. He has also worked in several movies, serials, and web series. People have emotions connected with Ramayana. We have already seen this when Ramanand’s Sagar Ramayana was re-telecasted on television during COVID times. It has smashed all TRP records. But Om Raut’s Adipurush failed to create the same emotions. His direction is weak, and the dialogues are bad. Vikram Mastal called out Manoj Muntashir and said Hanumanji is our idol; on the sacred subject of Ramayana, you cannot write such rubbish dialogues. Sharing the post, he wrote in Hindi on his Instagram,

“मनोज मुन्ताशिर साहब ये आपके दिमाग़ का दिवाल्यपन जब आप रामायण जिसे पवित्र विषय पर इस तरह वाहियात संवाद लिखते है हनुमानज़ी हमारे आराध्य है same on you @manojmuntashir #adipurush #manojmuntashir ये हनुमान भक्त इसका विरोध करता है “


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Vikram Mastal also shared what Shlok Lord Hanuman had said before burning Lanka in Ramayana. He shared the post on Twitter and wrote,


Makers Decide To Revisit The Slang-Filled Dialogues

Adipurush Movie Review Prabhas

Vikram Mastal raised the voice of people and questioned Manoj Muntashir about where he got these dialogues and from which Ramayana. Aftereffects of it were the film’s makers are now changing the conversations that are hurting people’s feelings and religious sentiments. But, not only dialogues, even many scenes are objectionable that should not have been even included. As a result of criticism that Hanuman’s conversation was too casual and offended the audience, the Adipurush team has chosen to “alter” the dialogue in the movie, according to a statement from T-Series.

“The makers are revisiting the said dialogues, ensuring to resonate with core essence of the film and the same will reflect in the theatres in the next few days. This decision is a testament that in spite of unstoppable collections at the Box Office, the team is committed and nothing is beyond the sentiments of their audiences and harmony at large.”

After this, dialogue writer Manoj Muntashir told ANI they would change the dialogues. He said,

“Our aim was to present the true heroes of Sanatan to our younger generation. There is an objection to 5 dialogues and they will be changed. If people are not liking some parts, then it’s our responsibility to fix them.”

Even though Adipurush has a good Day 1 collection, negative reviews, poorly written dialogues, and below-par VFX will hurt the business of the film in the coming days. What do you guys think about it? Let us know in the comments below.

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