Pichaikkaran 2 Movie 10th Day Box Office Collection Report; Check Total Income Till Now

Get to know the recent Box Office Collection report for Pichaikkaran 2 For 10 Days.

Pichaikkaran 2 Movie 10th Day Box Office Collection

Pichaikkaran 2, directed by Vijay Antony and starring Vijay Antony, Kavya Thapar, Hareesh Peradi, Yogi Babu, Mansoor Ali Khan, and Chandrasekar Koneru in the lead roles, has been making waves at the box office since its release on May 19, 2023. This action crime and horror film, produced by Fatima Vijay Antony, has captivated audiences with its gripping storyline and stellar performances.


Pichaikkaran 2 Box Office Performance

Pichaikkaran 2

The movie, made on a budget of approximately Rs 20 crores, has surpassed expectations, both critically and commercially. In its first 10 days, Pichaikkaran 2 has collected an impressive box office total of Rs 31.85 crores. The film’s steady growth at the box office indicates the immense popularity it has garnered among moviegoers.


Day 10 Collection Report

Pichaikkaran 2 Collection

On its 9th day of release, Pichaikkaran 2 raked in Rs 1.96 crores, contributing to its cumulative collection. The 10th day of the film witnessed a further surge in ticket sales, with an estimated collection of Rs 2.41 crores, consolidating its strong performance.

The success of Pichaikkaran 2 can be attributed to several factors, including the intriguing storyline, engaging screenplay, and brilliant performances delivered by the talented cast. Vijay Antony’s portrayal of the lead character has received widespread acclaim for its intensity and depth. The supporting cast, including Kavya Thapar, Hareesh Peradi, Yogi Babu, Mansoor Ali Khan, and Chandrasekar Koneru, has also received praise for their noteworthy contributions to the film.

Day Wise Income Report For Pichaikkaran 2

Day India BO Collection
Day 1 Rs 6 Crore
Day 2 Rs 5.65 Crore
Day 3 Rs 6.3 Crore
Day 4 Rs 2.55 Crore
Day 5 Rs 2.1 Crore
Day 6 Rs 1.95 Crore
Day 7 Rs 1.63 Crore
Day 8 Rs 1.3 Crore
Day 9 Rs 1.96 Crore
Day 10 Rs 2.41 Crore


Pichaikkaran 2 Plot And Review

The film’s gripping narrative, which seamlessly blends action, crime, and horror elements, has resonated well with the audience, contributing to its sustained success at the box office. As a result, Pichaikkaran 2 has managed to create a lasting impact on moviegoers, resulting in a strong word-of-mouth promotion that has further fueled its box office performance.

As the film continues its successful run, it is expected to attract more audiences and surpass even more significant milestones at the box office. Pichaikkaran 2 stands as a testament to the power of compelling storytelling and remarkable performances, solidifying its position as a noteworthy addition to the Tamil film industry.

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