Vikram Maastal Celebrated New Year At His Village Salkanpur

Vikram Maastal

The year 2019 has ended and most of the people have enjoyed the party at NYE. Few of them celebrated a new year with their families and friends. Vikram Maastal a known Bollywood actor is winning the hearts of the people and multiplying his fans and followers because of his simplicity.

Many Bollywood celebrities celebrated the new year at the party hub places like Goa, Mauritius, Singapore, Switzerland, Dubai, Australia, Malaysia, etc. But Vikram Maastal a small-town guy celebrated the new year at his village Salkanpur. He spent the new year with the villagers and also ploughed the filed with them. He says, he likes doing farming and he is also a farmer.

Vikram Maastal also performed rituals for his mother. He told that it has been more than 4 years I lost my mother and I always miss her and wish wherever she is, she will be proud of me. I hope she would have seen my debut movie, but unfortunately, things are not in our hands. Because of the blessings of my parents, I am what I am today. Vikram became emotional while talking about it, and we completely understand.

Vikram Maastal

Vikram always brings a smile to the face of the people. His gestures towards people show his simplicity and down to earth attitude. A person cannot become rich with money, a person becomes rich with a big heart and Vikram justifies it.

Vikram Maastal

Vikram told every year he tries to come to the village to celebrate festivals like Diwali, Dusshera, Holi, and even New Year. Last Diwali, Vikram celebrated his birthday and Diwali at his village Salkanpur.

Vikram Mastal role in his first movie Suspense was highly appreciated by the audiences. His journey from the small screen to the road to Bollywood is very inspirational.

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