Veteran Actress Rita Bhaduri Passed Away, She Was Still Working In The Late Days Of Her Life

She Did Not Let Her Illness To Affect Her Work

Rita Bhaduri Passes Awayvia

The veteran actress Rita Bhaduri has passed away at the age of 62. She had kidney dialysis and she was admitted in Sujay Hospital of Ville Parle. It has been revealed that she did not stop her work because of the illness. During her career, she worked in some of the most popular TV shows.


Rita Bhaduri Worked In Movies And TV Shows

Rita Bhaduri Passes Away

Rita Bhaduri has worked in 70 films and 30 TV serials including Choti Bahu, Kumkum, Khichdi, Phoolan Devi, Kya Kehna and Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hoon. During her last days, she was working in a TV drama show titled as Nimki Mukhiya. There she had played the character of Dadi Imarti Devi.


Her Commitment To The Work

Rita Bhaduri Passes Away

It is said that she refused to stay away from work during the illness. The shooting schedule used to be set according to her availability. About her work, she said, “We know our body catches more several diseases when we are in the late phase of our life but that does not mean we should stop working. I like my job and love to be busy in it.”


Her Co-stars Visited Her In The Hospital

Rita Bhaduri Passes Away

The producer and writer of the show, Jama Habib said, “We visited her in the hospital last week. Her condition was critical and we were hoping and praying for her well being. It has been 15 days since she last shot. So we were waiting for her to get well soon.”


She Was A Positive Woman

Rita Bhaduri Passes Away

Her co-actors shared the news on social media and they showed their grief. Her co-actor, Shivani Chakraborty said, “She was a good person, I have learned a lot from us. She was family to me.” Moreover, Garima Singh said, “we used to share the room. We talk a lot and we share a lot of things. She was a positive lady.”

It is sad news for her fans. May her soul rest in peace! Share your thoughts in the comments.

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