Shiv Shakti Today’s Episode 6th July 2023 Written Updates: Mandira Insults Shakti

Shiv Shakti 6th July 2023

Shiv Shakti captivates the viewer’s attention through its enthralling narrative. Today’s intriguing episode abounds drama. In today’s episode doctor will inform about the child’s health while Shakti prays to Lord Shiv for the child.  What happens to the child? Will Shakti be accused of killing a child? What happens? Read on to know what happens today. Happy reading!

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Shiv Shakti Today’s Episode: Mandira’s Plan

Shiv Shakti july 26 2023

Today’s Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shivshakti, 6th July 2023, begins with Shakti pleading for the child’s safety from Lord Shiv at the hospital.

Mandira observes Shakti praying, so she asks Kirtan to leave the room while she finishes an essential task.  From the cabin window, Padma also sees Shakti, and she recalls Mandira how Shakti humiliated her in front of people at the temple. Mandira claims that between 100 and 200 people visited the temple, but at this point, she would see to it that Shakti is derided in front of everyone in Banaras.

Padma is intrigued by Mandira’s initiative and wonders what she intends to accomplish, while Shakti speaks to Mahadev that the kid should not be punished for her foolish actions. She admits that she made a mistake, but allowing the kid to die would be an offense. Therefore, she did the best she could in that scenario.


Shakti Blames Shiv

Shiv Shakti Latest Episode

Shakti accuses Shiv of standing there even though he is a doctor, claiming that if Shiv had performed his duties as a doctor, nothing awful would have occurred. Shiv arrives at the hospital and immediately smiles when he sees Shakti’s back while she is praying to Mahadev. Shiv approaches Shakti but is summoned by another doctor, forcing him to turn around so that Shakti only sees his back. As Manorama is boiling over with rage, Rimjhim arrives and begs Shakti to accompany her. Shiv then turns around and notices that Shakti isn’t in front of Mahadev anymore.


Rimjhim Praises Shakti

As they wait for the doctor to arrive, Mandira and Padma get arrogant. They contact the media in order to accuse Shakti of killing the child in front of everyone. Mandira’s plot is foiled when the doctor announces that the kid is wonderful, and she becomes enraged as a result.

When the media approaches the doctor and inquires about the kid, the doctor responds that the youngster is now OK and that the credit goes to the person who did the emergency operation.

Rimjhim commends Shakti for completing the task immediately.


Kirtan Withholds The Praise

Mandira drags Dr. Kirtan before the media, claiming that he is the one who rescued the kid. Dr. Kirtan takes full credit, which shocks Shakti, and Rimjhim claims she will disclose the truth, but Shakti prevents her.

Shakti walks away but is stopped by Dr. Kirtan, who tells her she should not be cold to him because he likes her. Kirtan grabs Shakti’s phone and begins to save his number, but Shakti grabs her phone and cautions him not to approach her since he is not even a decent person. As Shakti walks away, Kirtan states that he admires Shakti’s rage and has fallen in love with her because of it.


Manorama Scolds Shakti

 Manorama leads Shakti away when she notices Shiv making the kid laugh by generating shadows of animals while narrating a story and goes to open the door. She chastises Shakti for wandering about. Shakti says they ought to head home, and she would return once she greets the child.


Mandira Insults Shakti

Shiv Shakti Today's Episode

When Shakti enters the room, she discovers the doctor has left, but she feels encouraged when the youngster thanks her and gives her chocolate. Shakti wears Shiv’s doctor coat at the youngster’s and his mother’s request. Shiv observes from outside the room and smiles because Shakti deserves it.

Mandira runs into Shakti after she exits the room and tells her that, while she is talented, she should not set goals higher than her current standing. Mandira’s kid, according to Shakti, does not even have the intellect to be a doctor, and Mandira must have given him the degree out of love.

Mandira becomes enraged and begins yelling at Shakti when she discovers she is wearing Shiv’s doctor’s uniform. Mandira becomes enraged and begins yelling at Shakti when she discovers she has on Shiv’s doctor coat. Furthermore, Mandira declares that Shakti is not worth a drop of dirt in the eyes of Dr Shiv. And says that she would ensure that Shakti never becomes a doctor in her entire life. Shakti sobs as Mandira grabs her coat away from her. She is surprised when Shiv taps her on the shoulder and grins at her.

What do you anticipate taking place next? Do not miss today’s program if you want the answers to the questions. Stay tuned!

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