Tadap Review: Ahan Shetty And Tara Sutaria Shine In This Toxic Romantic Thriller

Tadap Review

Ahan Shetty, son of Suniel Shetty is making his debut in the movie Tadap. It has been released in cinema halls today. Tadap stars Ahan Shetty, Tara Sutaria, Kumud Mishra, and Saurabh Shukla in pivotal roles. It is a remake of the superhit Tollywood movie RX100. Milan Lutharia has directed the movie. Ahan Shetty shines on debut with an impressive performance in this toxic romantic thriller.


Tadap Story

Ahan Shetty Tara Sutaria Kiss
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Ishana, portrayed by Ahan Shetty is from a small hill station Mussoorie. In the picturesque beauty of Mussoorie, he falls in love with an educated girl, who returned from London, Ramisa played by Tara Sutaria. Ramisa is the daughter of local MLA Damodar Nautiyal, played by Kumud Mishra. While Ishana is an adopted son to Daddy, portrayed by Saurabh Shukla. Ishana is jobless. The duo spends some quality time and Ishana wants to take this relationship to marriage.

Tara Sutaria Ahan Shetty Tadap

However, there is a hitch. Damodar Nautiyal does not want his family name to be spoiled. He wants Ramisa to marry a man of his choice. It may look like a rich girl loves the poor boy kind of story. However, let us tell there is much more to it and this is what makes Tadap interesting to watch. Will Ishana gets Ramisa in the end or something different twist is waiting at the end? Watch the movie to find out.


Tadap Review

Ahan Shetty Tara Sutaria Kiss
Still From Trailer

Tadap is a perfect launchpad for Ahan Shetty. The way he showcases his raw emotions and anger is simply superb. He is intense, passionate, and fierce throughout the movie. Tara Sutaria really deserves an appreciation for playing such a bold role. She looks gorgeous, picture-perfect in every single frame, and is enticing. The way she portrayed the romantic, playful, and breakdown scenes is amazing. The sizzling chemistry between Ishana and Ramisa sets the screen ablaze. Saurabh Shukla and Kumud Mishra pull of their role with warm perfection. Tadap is more of revenge than a romantic story.

Ahan Shetty Tara Sutaria Tadap
Still From Trailer

Milan Lutharia’s direction is good. However, it is a story part where the film falters. The first half of the movie seems sluggish. However, it is the second half that brings unraveling dramatic twists and makes it intriguing. The screenplay is passable. The cinematography shows the picturesque beauty that adds flavor to the romantic love story. Tadap has some shocking twists (only if you have not watched the original RX100) that keep you to the edge of the seat thriller. The music is good with songs that are already hit in the chartbusters. We can say that Tadap is the perfect debut for Ahan Shetty and kudos to Tara Sutaria for grabbing such a bold role. Overall, Tadap is a one-time watch. We give Tadap 3.5 stars out of 5.

Have you watched the movie? How did you find it? Let us know in the comments below.

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