8 Times When Kartik Aaryan Went The Extra Mile To Express Love For His Fans

Kartik Aaryan Went The Extra Mile To Express Love For His Fans

Kartik Aaryan is one of the few actors in Bollywood who made their names without a Godfather. Bollywood actor Kartik Aaryan is enjoying the success of his recent films. His status as a heartthrob sensation is undeniable. Whenever he posts something on social media or is spotted in the city, his admirers go crazy. Kartik Aaryan has always garnered attention for going the extra mile to interact with his fans. He frequently can be seen pleasing his fans who wait to take a photo with him. As a result, he became one of the most prominent actors in India. Kartik Aaryan has also established himself as one of the most modest celebrities. These are a few instances where he proved to his fans that he genuinely cared about them.


1. Kartik Aaryan Returned To The Airport Entrance To Meet Young Admirer


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In a recent incident, many people were impressed by Kartik Aaryan’s interaction with a young fan in Jodhpur. Social media followers observed that Kartik had gained much popularity among younger generations. The actor returned to the gate to meet the crying fan after hearing the child’s request, as seen in a video posted by a paparazzo account. The actor engaged the security guards in conversation. He then instructed the fan’s parents to take photos of them outside the gate. Later, they were permitted to meet the actor at the entrance. He posed for a photo with the young admirer and autographed a book for him.


2. Met His Fans On A Flight In Economy


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Kartik Aaryan was traveling back and forth between Jodhpur and Mumbai. It evolved into a meet and greeted with fans during his return flight. The “Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2” star went home after attending a conclave in Jodhpur. He had to, nonetheless, take an economy flight. As a result, Kartik’s admirers and followers on the flight got an opportunity to interact with the celebrity. They were also photographed and had selfies taken. Kartik interacts with his admirers in the video and accepts their praise.


3. Clicked Pictures With Photographers At HT India’s Most Stylish Event


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When Kartik Aaryan visited HT India’s Most Stylish 2022, he was in high spirits. At the glamorous Mumbai event, the actor also received an award. He interacted with his Bollywood colleagues in addition. Kartik also shared a special moment with the event photographers. The actor, most recently featured in the famous movie Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2, caught photographers by surprise. They were taking shots of celebrities on the red carpet at the time. So he posed for photos with the photographers as a kind gesture.


4. Made A Gentle Attempt To Comfort The Fan


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Bollywood actor Kartik Aaryan also tried to communicate with a girl who was his admirer. So it was when he ran across a completely star-struck fan at a function. She was sobbing as she felt happy to meet Kartik Aaryan. The actor kept making an effort to comfort the fan. However, she seemed surprised by the encounter. He, therefore, hugged her and signed her diary as well.


5. Posed For Selfies With Fans At A Mall

Kartik Aaryan Selfie With Fans At Mall

The young audience’s love for the heartthrob is overwhelming. Millions of people follow and support him. The “Dhamaka” actor is also incredibly lovely and friendly to his admirers. The actor never fails to give their admirers the ideal opportunity for a selfie. Kartik was once photographed at a city mall event. A mass amount of admirers rushed to see the actor. Kartik brightened many people’s days by taking several selfies with them.


6. Warmly Met A Member Of The CISF At The Airport


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Kartik has recently gained popularity for his humble nature. A cameraman was praising Kartik’s glasses in a popular video. He joked, “Shades bhi ache, meri pant bhi sexy,” in response. Then, as he reached the entry, Kartik paused at the gate to extend a greeting to the CISF officers. He was interacting with them and even folded his hands in front of an official while he did so. In the face of stardom, he genuinely demonstrated his everlasting humility.


7. Stopped To Click Pictures With Fans On The Street


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Once, Kartik was closer to the Red Chillies Entertainment office in Mumbai. The actor spent some time chatting with fans and members of the media. Additionally, he posed for photos with them. His thoughtful act won many people’s hearts when the video went viral.


8. Met The Two Fan Girls Outside His Building


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In Versova, Mumbai, two of the actor’s female fans went in front of his building. They were screaming Kartik’s name at the top of their lungs. They continued to ask the actor to come out. Finally granting the wishes of his followers, Bollywood actor Kartik Aaryan came from his building to greet them. In addition, he posed for pictures with them. Even if it didn’t feel entirely appropriate to do so, he nonetheless did so. By sharing the video on his Instagram feed, he also showed his appreciation for the act.

The actor, who comes from a non-filmmaking family, became well-known in Bollywood owing to his natural talent. His female admirers often gush over him.

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