WWE Stars Who You’ll Be Seeing On The Big Screen In Upcoming Movies

WWE Superstars Who You’ll Be Seeing On The Big Screen In Upcoming Movies

Upcoming Movies in which wee stars actvia

6. Kevin Nash – Slaw

Upcoming Movie Slaw Kevin Nash

Nash has been associated with different parts of Hollywood after he cleared out WWE. The majority of them have been little parts, similar to when he played a stripper in the Magic Mike Dualogy, and so forth. Lionsgate is re-launching the Saw arrangement in the nick of time for Halloween, and it’s in for a genuine satirizing on account of Kevin Nash’s next film, the nourishment themed Slaw. This motion picture will get other kindred wrestlers as Luke Gallows, Amber Gallows, and John Kip will be co-featuring also.


7. John Morrison – Minutes to Midnight

Upcoming movie Minutes to Midnight John Morrison

John ‘Morrison’ Hennigan has had a stuffed on-screen plan as far back as he exited the WWE in 2011, as he has shown up in a string of straight-to-video discharges and outside the box ventures like Sharknado 5: Global Swarming and Boone: The Bounty Hunter. Presently Hennigan will show up close by Billy Baldwin in the schlock fest, which will concentrate on a gathering of companions in a ski-hold up who are being picked off one by one by a covered executioner.


8. Dwayne Johnson – Rampage

Upcoming Movie Rampage

The Rock is an uncommon type of star and one of the main WWE stars deserving of two passages in this rundown. The Rock will participate in this motion picture called Rampage by a top pick cast involving Malin Akerman, Joe Manganiello, Naomie Harris and The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan.


9. Dwayne Johnson – Black Adam

Upcoming Movies Dwayne Johnson Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson will be the Black Adam in the DCEU and has as of late conversed with WB. Presently as opposed to showing up in Shazam, he will get his own motion picture which will perhaps be turning out in 2020 or 21 and WB have huge plans for this specific character on screen.


10. John Cena – Bumblebee Spinoff

Upcoming Movies Screen John Cena

Indeed, the current portion of the Transformers establishment was really terrible. Despite the fact that it did great on Box-office, regardless it did not have the basic praise. Indeed, individuals appear to be exhausted of the banality Transformers film and it is great that the producers are endeavoring to accomplish something altogether different with the establishment, i.e. bringing a performance turn off motion picture by acquiring our most loved Autobot, Bumblebee, and our most loved wrestler, John Cena sharing a screen together.

Well, here you have it, your favorite WWE Superstars making their way to the big screen. Don’t miss out on these blockbusters! And also share with your friends, and plan a movie night out!

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