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Today’s Anupama 12th January 2024 episode begins with Yashpal testing Anupama’s cuisine. Anupama is consumed by thoughts of the guy she saw on the road who was involved in an accident. Yashpal informs Anupama that the food tastes great, which pulls her back to reality, and she appreciates him for the praise. Anupama stands elated when Yashpal assures her that she can obtain a job as a cook at the restaurant if she can make meals like that for a week without making a mistake, and the crew acknowledges her. As the break begins, Anupama packs the food and heads to Shruti’s house to deliver the meal to AK. Continue reading to know more about today’s episode.

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Anuj’s Refusal

Anuj Anupama

Meanwhile, Pakhi approaches Vanraj and informs him that she has to speak about a significant matter, but Leela interrupts. Leela claims Vanraj doesn’t have to listen to Pakhi since she constantly speaks gibberish when a neighbor arrives at the door in an upset mood with her grandson, Arjun. At the same time, Shruti attempts to figure out what happened to Anuj and why he’s behaving so agitatedly. Anuj refuses to reveal that he’d previously met Anupama in America.


Vanraj Is Enraged

Anupama Latest Updates

The neighbor reports to the Shahs that Ansh has beaten up Arjun and smashed his toy. Leela refuses to believe Ansh is capable of such behavior. Vanraj begs Ansh to speak the truth, and then he admits that he knocked up Arjun because he was mocking the toy, leaving everyone speechless. As Vanraj apologizes to the neighbor and promises to pay her for the loss she suffered, the old lady suggests that Vanraj and the rest of his family educate Ansh on some etiquette first if they intend for him to behave well with others. Vanraj is disturbed when the old woman discusses Anupama’s values of culture with her children and requests her not to mention them.


Adhya Lies

After the lady departs, Vanraj tells Ansh that arguing with peers is not something to celebrate and that he should apologize to Arjun after they purchase the toy for both Ansh and Arjun the following day. Meanwhile, Anupama arrives at Shruti’s house and approaches Aadhya, who opens the door for her and accepts the food, claiming that Shruti will pay her online. Aadhya immediately locks the door in Anupama’s face and claims she can’t allow Anuj to see Anupama when Shruti arrives and gets the meal. Aadhya claims Miss Joshi was busy.


Pakhi’s Disturbing Words

Pakhi Anupama

Anuj eats the cuisine and gets a sense of Anupama. He informs Shruti that they will have supper at her favorite restaurant while Shruti urges him to relax. Pakhi, on the other hand, informs Vanraj about her share of the property. Vanraj responds that Hasmukh has refused to allow them to sell the house. Leela questions Pakhi about her greed. Pakhi reveals that she would only live with them since she wants her property to be settled down in her life. Later, Shruti phones Anupama and tells her how much AK enjoyed her dish and that they will meet at the restaurant that night for supper.

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