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Today’s Bhagya Lakshmi 12th January 2024 episode begins with the Oberoi family worshipping Lord Rama, with Virendra chanting a devotional song. Meanwhile, Lakshmi begins singing it, surprising Malishka. Rishi compliments her by making a sign with his hands. Malishka is furious with Lakshmi for ruining her plan again, but she will not give up until she has destroyed her. She believes Lakshmi has converted Rishi and Virendra to her cause, but it is that day that she will reverse the situation. Malishka then puts Kheer in the bowls and places them on a serving tray, glancing around to see if anybody is observing her and attempting to drop a box on the floor. Continue reading to know more about today’s episode.

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Malishka’s Plans

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update
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However, Lakshmi intervenes and prevents her, explaining that dumping offerings on the ground is negative. Malishka says that it will not be dropped since she has grasped it. Ayush and Rishi come, and Rishi encourages Malishka to hurry because everyone has been waiting for the offerings.

Lakshmi desires to serve Prasad to everyone, and Rishi asks Malishka whether she may do it at her residence. Malishka concurs but with sarcastic contempt. As Malishka and Lakshmi leave, Ayush questions Malishka’s motives. He thinks about why Malishka was chatting warmly with Lakshmi that day. Meanwhile, Lakshmi was handing out the prasad to everyone when Malishka caused Lakshmi to trip and fall on Neelam with the prasad. Karishma is unhappy with Lakshmi for being thoughtless.


Neelam Supports Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update Latest Episode

Meanwhile, Lakshmi attempts to clarify that she was only delivering the prasad and that Malishka caused her to fall, but Malishka denies this. Malishka is thrilled because she believes Neelam will be upset with Lakshmi. Sonia begins lecturing Lakshmi that she should not accept responsibility if she cannot manage responsibility. Rishi is outraged when she refers to Lakshmi as insane. However, Neelam soothes them, and Lakshmi apologizes for the incident. Neelam says it’s okay and instructs her to deliver the prasad to the others, leaving Malishka stunned. Malishka then advises Lakshmi to be cautious with the prasad. Virendra thanks Neelam for supporting Lakshmi and wishes she will recover soon.


Kiran’s Opinions

On the other side, Sonal notices a knife and claims it’s the exact sort of dagger Malishka desires, just as Kiran arrives and questions Sonal if Malishka would remain at the Oberoi house that night. Sonal says she will stay because it is Neelam’s birthday. Kiran blames Lakshmi for breaking their friendship. Sonal then tells her how Neelam has welcomed Lakshmi, which Kiran dismisses as insane. Malishka observes Lakshmi and Ayush loving the party arrangements, but Ayush quickly exits to take a call.

Meanwhile, Lakshmi asks Malishka if she can help her, and Malishka approves. Conversely, Kiran questions why Malishka is still there if Neelam has embraced Lakshmi; she should leave Rishi. Kiran says she’ll attempt to speak to Malishka about it, but Sonal worries if she informs Kiran that Malishka intends to injure Neelam, she’ll become upset.

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