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Jhanak 13th January 2024 Today’s Episode Written Updates

Jhanak 17th December 2023

Tejas asks Jhanak for her husband’s name and inquires about his location at the beginning of today’s Jhanak episode, which airs on January 13, 2024. Jhanak clenches her teeth in fear and instructs Tejas to go about his own business, saying that he has no business worrying about her husband’s name. But Tejas keeps interrogating Jhanak while feigning kindness.

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Tanuja Is Suspicious Of Tejas

Tanuja Jhanak

Tanuja, meanwhile, seems perplexed, pointing out that while Tejas first claimed to know Jhanak’s husband’s name and to have seen him personally, he is now requesting the exact details from Jhanak. Tejas feels he might be discovered because of this, so he comes up with a story. He clarifies that he knows Jhanak’s spouse but would like to make sure she still regards him as her spouse.

Ani tells Jhanak to head upstairs as he is having trouble breathing. Tejas stops her once more as she races towards the stairs.
Tanuja advises her to speak with Tejas, highlighting their common village bond. Jhanak is approached by Tejas for a private discussion when he notices her nervousness and tells her not to expose herself in front of the Basu family.


Jhanak: Future Narrative

Jhanak Written Update

The future episode opens with Tejas cautioning Jhanak and questioning whether he should tell everyone about her truth. As Tejas asks her whether she wants to see something lovely, she shakes her head, fearing what might happen.
Bipasha and Laal become suspicious when he opens his phone and tries to show her something. As a result, they ask Ani’s father to investigate.
Nevertheless, Ani’s father ignores their misgivings and tells Bipasha to calm down because they both come from the same village, and they should be allowed to speak.

Anirudh asks what’s happening between them, turning to Jhanak and Tejas for clarification.  Tejas also includes him, who displays images of their wedding day in which Anirudh and Jhanak are seated in traditional bridal attire. Anirudh and Jhanak’s jaws and eyes gape in disbelief at this picture.

Tejas smirked and murmured that they would soon see it for themselves when Tanuja asked what he was showing and demanded to see it, too. Afterward, Jhanak departs the Basu mansion after writing a letter to Ani. When Baudi lies and says she will meet the locals, her husband notices and questions where she is going.

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