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Anupama 26th December 2023 Today’s Episode Written Updates

Anupama Latest Update

Today’s Anupama 26th December 2023 episode begins with a woman eating Chole Bhature in a restaurant and convincing herself that she is willing to perform an additional workout for the sake of food. Vikram, the chef, prepares another bhatura and asks Anupama to give it to the woman, who is a regular client. Anupama approached the lady and placed the bhatura on her plate. The lady requests that Anupama refrain from calling her madam and instead call her Shruti. Shruti feels loved after hearing Anupama’s compassionate remarks. Anupama suggests eating the bhatura with chutney to improve the taste. Continue reading to know more about today’s episode.

Anuj To Meet Anupama?

Anupama Latest Updates

After Shruti inquires, Anupama discloses that she is newly hired at that location. Shruti takes a picture of Anupama since she is a photographer who likes to take images of what she likes. A phone call stops Shruti as she prepares to ask Anupama her name. She becomes involved in the discussion as Anupama leaves the table. After the call, Shruti notices someone outside the restaurant and approaches him, who is revealed to be Anuj. Anuj urges Shruti to stop making fun of him for being the showstopper at the last event, but Shruti thinks Anuj did an exceptional job as a model.


Shruti And Anuj’s Conversation

Anuj Anupama

Anupama observes Shruti conversing with a man outside the restaurant, but cannot see his face due to people gathering before him. Anuj motions for Shruti to sit in the front of the car, then get inside and speeds away. Shruti questions Anuj if he has something to convey to her. Anuj responds that he hopes Aadhya will use social media less since it is wrong for her age. Anuj argues that social media is helpful when used responsibly. Shruti acknowledges and informs Anuj that she will discuss it with Aadhya.


Anuj’s Marriage?

Shruti Anupama

Shruti says she has to speak to Anuj about the marriage. This angers Anuj, and Shruti asks when he is ready to marry her. Anuj claims they have been engaged, and Shruti lives with them, so there is no rush. Shruti declares that she wishes to become Shruti Anuj Kapadia. Meanwhile, the day concludes in the restaurant with Anupama completing the kitchen cleanup as the owner inspects her work. The owner believes Anupama did an excellent job and that he would maintain Anupama as the restaurant’s caretaker.


Anuj’s Advice

Anupama asks the proprietor if she may sleep at the restaurant, and he agrees to let her sleep in the storage room, which pleases Anupama. Vikram encourages Anupama to consume the leftover food. Anupama feeds herself on a plate, thanking God for teaching her the importance of food and water. Shruti discovers that her luggage has been replaced by someone else’s, and Anupama’s baggage has arrived instead. When Anuj sees the garments inside, he recalls the memory of Anupama. He tells Shruti not to peek at someone else’s belongings. Anupama discovers that it is not her bag.

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