Aquaman 2 Holiday Slump: A Christmas Box Office Letdown Against A Massive $205 Million Budget

Aquaman 2 Box Office

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’s prospects are not looking good at the North American box office. Although we hoped the Warner Bros. movie would make us feel festive, that is not the case. The $205 million budget for the Jason Momoa and Amber Heard film has begun to scare fans. However, Wonka, played by Timothee Chalamet, has some good news. Scroll below to find out how the most recent releases are doing at the ticket windows.


Box Office: Various Alternatives

Aquaman 2 Trailer

The theaters currently offer a wide variety of alternatives. Fans had been quite excited for Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney’s romantic comedy Anyone But You, aside from Aquaman 2 and Wonka. Other rivals on the big screen are Illumination and Universal Pictures’ Migration, Zac Efron’s The Iron Claw, The Color Purple, Ferarri, and The Boys on the Boat.

Trade analysts predicted a boom in the Christmas box office with this kind of diversity! But things weren’t going as planned for some much-awaited movies like Aquaman 2 and Anyone But You, so it was a really dismal situation.


Aquaman 2: Box Office Performance

Aquaman 2 Black Manta

With an incredible $205 million budget, Aquaman 2 is being developed. The global collection could be able to make up for that, but the North American box office might not have much of an impact on reaching that goal. Variety reports that Jason Momoa’s movie grossed $27.7 million over its typical weekend at the box office.

It also only made $40 million on its four-day opening weekend, which is highly disappointing. Given the negative publicity, it was expected that Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom would suffer, but these figures are entirely unacceptable. James Wan needs a significant boost because his directing career is waning.

Warner Bros. has already had box office failures with films like Shazam and The Flash! The Blue Beetle and the Fury of the Gods. Hopefully, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom won’t end up here.


Timothee Chalamet’s Wonka

Aquaman 2 Jason Momoa

In contrast, Timothee Chalamet’s picture genuinely celebrates the holiday season. With $28 million through Monday, it is currently the second-highest-grossing movie at the box office, exceeding expectations. Throughout the weekend, the show earned $18 million from 4,213 locations.

Wonka has amassed a $254.9 million global collection to date, of which $85.5 million came from domestic sales. Amazing!


Migration: Box Office Performance

With $12.4 million over the weekend and $17.5 million through the weekend, Migration, which features the voices of Kumail Nanjiani, Elizabeth Banks, and Awkwafina, is presently ranked #3. It was produced with a mere $70 million budget. Given that it goes in the same direction as Puss in Boots: The Last Wish and Elemental and maintains its momentum successfully, it may prove to be a box office hit.


Anyone But You: Box Office Performance

Aquaman 2 Movie

The $25 million budget for Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney’s Anyone But You is pretty small. Although the picture was supposed to bring back the romance movie genre in theaters, its release appears to have been impacted by the conflicting reviews.

Over the weekend, Anyone But You brought in $5.8 million at the domestic box office, and through Monday, it brought in $8 million.


Zac Effron’s The Iron Claw

Not to be forgotten is The Iron Claw, which is presently ranked sixth. Over the weekend, the Zac Efron-led movie brought in $4.8 million from 2,774 theaters. Up until Monday, it had added $7.5 million in total. Everything is going well for this sports drama, which is based on the life of professional wrestler Kevin Von Erich, despite its $15 million budget.

The production companies of The Color Purple, Ferrari, and The Boys in the Boat have not yet released information about their opening day collections!

Which movies among these have you watched? Which ones are your favorites? Make sure to share your opinions with us in the comments down below. We await your response.

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