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Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Today’s Updates 8th December 2023: Check VJ Archana And Nixen Heated Arguments

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 3rd October 2023

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 continues dominating television screens, and the latest episode has brought a wave of drama that fans won’t forget. In a recent promo released by Vijay Television, viewers were treated to a heated argument between actor-rapper Nixen and the popular VJ Archana. The clash escalated quickly, with Nixen criticizing Archana, claiming she’s “fit for nothing.” The exchange has stirred up tension in the Bigg Boss house and ignited a firestorm on social media.

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Archana vs. Nixen

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Episode

The verbal spar between Archana and Nixen took center stage in the promo, with Nixen bluntly stating that Archana should be evicted for being too talkative and lacking substance. Housemates intervened to prevent the situation from escalating further, but social media users were quick to jump into the fray, criticizing Archana for allegedly provoking Nixen. Some argued that Archana seemed to be intentionally pushing buttons, attempting to elicit negative responses from her fellow housemates. Social media exploded with commentary, with users expressing diverse opinions on the confrontation. Some echoed Nixen’s sentiments, asserting that Archana needs to reflect on her behavior and learn from her mistakes rather than blaming others. The comment section became a battleground of opinions, showcasing the intense fan engagement that Bigg Boss Tamil consistently generates.


Archana’s Clash With Vishnu Vijay

Bigg Boss Tamil 7

The drama didn’t stop with the Archana-Nixen showdown. During a kingdom task, Archana also found herself in a heated argument with actor Vishnu Vijay. As housemates took on various roles, conflicts arose over the kingdom’s kitchen responsibilities. The clash with Vishnu Vijay added another layer of tension to an already charged atmosphere inside the Bigg Boss house.


Kingdom Task Fallout

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Logo

The kingdom task brought more than just verbal spats. An altercation unfolded between Maya S Krishna and Poornima Ravidue, leading to an emotional breakdown for the latter. The intense emotions and clashes among housemates are turning Bigg Boss Tamil 7 into a rollercoaster ride, keeping viewers hooked with every episode.


Nominations And House Dynamics

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Kamal Haasan

As the show enters its 10th week, the current house captain, Vishnu, has nominated contestants who failed to impress him. Ananya S Rao, Sharavana Vikram, Poornima Ravi, Vijay, Nixon, and Raveena Daha find themselves on the chopping block. In a surprising twist, Bigg Boss has divided the house into small and main sections, intensifying the competition. Notable nominations include Archana, Vichitra, Dinesh Gopalsamy, and Mani Chandra, all now residing in the smaller house, awaiting their fate. Bigg Boss Tamil 7 continues to deliver high-octane entertainment, with clashes, nominations, and unexpected twists. Thus keeping audiences on the edge of their seats. The recent face-offs between Archana and fellow housemates add an extra layer of excitement to the show. Also, ensure that viewers remain glued to their screens. As the drama unfolds, fans eagerly await the next episode to see how these conflicts will shape the dynamics of the Bigg Boss house.

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