India Lockdown Review: Madhur Bhandarkar Recreates The Pandemic Horrors

India Lockdown Movie Review

December started with a bang with a couple of OTT releases, Freddy on Hotstar and India Lockdown on ZEE5. India Lockdown is a Hindi-language drama film based on the COVID-19 lockdown. Madhur Bhandarkar directed the film, co-produced by Pen India Limited and Bhandarkar Entertainment. Shweta Basu Prasad, Aahana Kumra, Prateik Babbar, Sai Tamhankar, and Prakash Belawadi appear in the movie. The film was set to have its world premiere at India’s 52nd International Film Festival. Furthermore, it was commercially released on ZEE5 OTT on December 2, 2022. The film explores the consequences of India’s COVID-19 lockdown.


India Lockdown Story

India Lockdown Shweta Basu Prasad
Still From Trailer

The film India Lockdown, which is currently streaming on ZEE5, is based on the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic. It was when the government declared a nationwide lockdown for 21 days. Amit Joshi, Aradhana Sah, and Madhur Bhandarkar are the writers. The film India Lockdown presents four parallel stories. These are the stories of a father-daughter duo, a sex worker and her problems, a migrant worker with little means, and a young couple. Prakash Belawadi plays Nageshwar Rao, an old man living alone. This narrative emphasizes the elderly’s sense of insecurity. He is looking forward to seeing his pregnant daughter in Hyderabad.

Moving on, another tale focuses on the suffering of uprooted daily wagers who must head home. Prateik Babbar plays Madhav in the narrative, which depicts the struggle of the poor. Shweta Basu Prasad additionally plays Mehrunissa in the film’s most intriguing narrative. During the national lockdown, Mehrunissa and other s*x workers discover methods to make money by serving sex-deprived males virtually. Furthermore, the plot revolves around a young couple named Dev and Palak. The pandemic, on the other hand, becomes a villain in their quest.


India Lockdown Review

India Lockdown Prakash Belawadi
Still From Trailer

A few scenes will send shivers down your spine as they portray the horrors of the time when things were just chaotic. The deserted highways, masked people, and authorities in PPE kits make the scene appear to be something out of a nightmare. Bhandarkar also talks about the various emotions as the four narratives progress simultaneously. Furthermore, Prateik garnered the most appreciation for his uncommon avatar as a daily wage laborer. Saanand Verma is good in his short role. Aahana Kumra looked impressive. The film perfectly depicts how many challenges people face. Madhur Bhandarkar was always having an interest in our societal issues.

The film claims that even in dire circumstances, humans choose will over wisdom. These are all relevant messages that the films attempt to convey. The issue with the movie India Lockdown is that the four stories do not share the same sense of vulnerability. The narrative of the migrant family and the elderly guy reveals a serious worry. However, the other two scenarios appear to dwell in a world where lockdown is merely a buzzword. Also, as the pandemic enters the narrative, the story shifts to more gentle scenes, such as love and sex.


Final Verdict

India Lockdown Prateik Babbar Sai Tamhankar
Still From Trailer

The film India Lockdown is relevant since it recalls a moment we continue to define via our memories. Additionally, it is also an interesting one as it shows us some of the aspects of lockdown which we overlooked during the pandemic. Furthermore, you may feel a lack of empathy in various sections, even though the film is capable of doing so. We give 3 stars to the film out of 5.

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