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Jhanak 12th January 2024 Today’s Episode Written Updates

Jhanak Latest Episode

In the opening scene of today’s Jhanak episode (12 January 2024), Tejas informs one of the villagers that they will shortly be departing for Kolkata. He makes an excuse, such as saying he is in Kolkata on business, and gets the villager to introduce him to the Basu family.

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Laal Embarrasses Appu

Apu Jhanak

The Basu family gets together somewhere else for brunch and excitedly talks about Ani’s wedding. Laal advises Bipasha to wear the brand-new sarees they already own as newlyweds instead of going shopping for stylish attire for Ani’s wedding.

Tanuja, however, cuts Laal off and tells him not to worry about putting money aside for Ani’s wedding. Viewing it as a gift, she urges Bipasha to purchase anything from Anirudh’s father’s side freely freely. In the meantime, Appu bemoans the state of affairs and claims that everyone else—aside from herself—will be getting new clothes for Ani’s wedding.

Laal advises her to shut up and makes comparisons to other people, emphasizing that she isn’t normal in response to her demand for new clothes.


Anirudh Stands Up For Jhanak

Aniruddha Jhanak

After Jhanak and Ani express regret for the statement, Ani chastises Laal for what he perceives as a sick attitude, even if he is a college professor. Baudi makes fun of Laal’s mindset, saying that even though he knows full well that Appu has a medical condition, he still makes her feel insignificant.

Baudi is asked by Ani’s father to teach Appu manners that go beyond cooking. Baudi’s husband, however, is adamant, claiming that if she weren’t in the kitchen, they would die hungry. When Ani refuses to refer to anyone as a servant and insists on thinking of them as family, his father becomes irritated.

She views Ani’s hiring of a maid from Kashmir as a hardship, and he now demands that everyone treat Jhanak like a member of the family. When Jhanak tries to stand up for herself, Tanuja and Ani’s father scream at her and tell her to stop arguing.


Jhanak Is Shocked

Jhanak Hiba Nawab

In another scene, Tejas is grinning evilly in front of the Basu home. He then reprimands the villager for passing up the chance to see the Basu family twice. Tejas walks up to the Basu house, captivated by Jhanak’s opulent home. He rings the bell and watches in shock as Jhanak opens the door, her eyes wide open.

When Ani’s father refuses to buy and tells them to go, Tejas says they are selling Kashmiri Pashmina shawls.  Tejas further inquires whether they know someone from their village who is residing in their home. Bipasha then replies that they mean Jhanak, news that shocks Ani.

When Ani hurries over, Tejas playfully nicknames him “Jamai Babu,” making Jhanak and Ani fear their covert marriage may be discovered. Tejas is complaining to her about not being invited to her wedding.


Tejas Gets Invited

Jhanak Tejas

When Tejas reveals his relationship with Arshi’s uncle during the chat, Ani’s family invites him for tea. When Tejas inquires whether Jhanak is their daughter-in-law, Ani’s father shames her and disputes it.

Tejas responds that everyone in the village knows her and her mother when questioned about how he knows her. After noting Jhanak’s vermillion, Tejas queries her about her husband’s location. He further inquires as to whether or not she wants to return to Srinagar.

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