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Jhanak 5th January 2024 Today’s Episode Written Updates

Jhanak 27 December Update

The Jhanak episode from today, January 5, 2024, opens with Appu playing in the courtyard. Aniruddha then shows up carrying a bag of fruits. This makes Appu very happy, and she asks whether the fruits are intended for her. According to Aniruddha, they are the ever-indulgent brother, but she also needs to share them with others. Appu laughs and declares that she will have them all to herself because she doesn’t like anyone else living there. When Aniruddha inquires as to whether or not she detests Jhanak as well, Appu changes her mind. She claims that Jhanak is the only person with whom she will disclose them.

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Anirudh Informs Appu

Aniruddha Jhanak

Aniruddha says it’s critical that Appu shares with Jhanak because the doctor has ordered her to eat more fruits. But the other family members will not be pleased if they discover he bought fruits for her.

Though she chooses to share them with Jhanak, he sends Appu comprehensive instructions informing everyone that they are meant for her. She claims that Jhanak is the only person with whom she will disclose them. Aniruddha says it’s critical that Appu shares because Jhanak’s doctor has advised her to eat more fruits.


Jhanak: Future Narrative

Jhanak Hiba Nawab

In the future Jhanak episode, she is pressured to consent to attending the sindur ceremony. She clarified that she did not want to wear the sindur and that this was a personal concern for her, but she also stated that she must abide by their regulations while she was there.
Furthermore, her spouse is the only one who can recite the mantra that is supposed to be recited while she wears the sindur.
At this point, Aniruddha and Arshi come, and they are informed of the topics under discussion. After some delay, Jhanak is shocked to hear that Anirudh’s spouse would be present at the wedding.  After realizing how dangerous she has placed Anirudh, she chooses what to do next. She will be seen penning a letter to Anirudh in the dead of night, expressing her gratitude for all he has done for her thus far. But she could not bear to cause him any more inconvenience. Consequently, she decided to leave their home at night without being detected.

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