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Anupama 4th January 2024 Today’s Episode Written Updates

Anupama Latest Episode Update

The Anupama 4th January 2024 episode begins with Vikram taking Anupama to Yashpal and informing him that the assistant cook has to be dismissed since he has been making a lot of blunders lately. Yashpal acknowledges that Vikram is worried he won’t be able to handle the busy restaurant by himself and promises to assist in the kitchen, but Vikram wants to suggest Anupama. Yashpal nods and invites Anupama to join him in the kitchen when she replies that she would try to work as hard as possible if given the chance.

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Kavya Accuses Vanraj

Anupama Dimpy Kavya

When Vanraj enters the home, Kavya welcomes him and gives him flowers as a lavish display of gratitude. Then, she attacks him, accusing him of being vicious and egotistical. According to Kavya, everyone needs a companion, and Teetu can quickly fill the hole left by parents and children alone. When Leela hears Teetu’s name, she is taken aback, and Kavya accuses Vanraj of attempting to dictate how his family lives.


Kavya Stands For Dimpy

Anupama Latest Updates

He is the family’s primary income provider, Kavya continues, and she appreciates the protection he offers them all. For this reason, she has visited her family before, but Vanraj has to quit portraying himself as God or unbeatable. Speaking up, Vanraj tells Kavya to quit portraying herself as a victim since, in truth, she returned of her own free will to obtain the financial stability he offers in return for carrying out her duties as his wife.

Kavya Shuts Pakhi

Pakhi adds that since Dimpy has a house full of people, she should stop grumbling, but Kavya tells her to remain quiet since she always tries to show that she is happy and has positively left with Adhik. Vanraj responds that he must hear everything directly from Dimpy, even after learning about her history. At the same time, Kavya suggests that Vanraj should be happy to have found Tapesh, who is open to dating her. Dimpy responds that she is pleased with fearful eyes when Vanraj asks whether she believes the home is a prison.

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