Listen To An Emerging Singer Shaad; His Voice Is The Best You Will Hear Today


Most of us get so much stuck in their daily work and job that we don’t take out time for our passion. I personally say, do what you like and not what you are forced too. If Sunday doesn’t excite you then change your friends and if Monday don’t excite you then change your profession. Few of them follow their dreams, their passion and take that to the very next level. Today we want you to listen to one of the most talented emerging singer Ahmed Shaad Safwi. He is making people crazy by his mesmerizing voice.

Shaad Safwi

Shaad is a software techie, who did not stop chasing his dreams. He has a perfect voice to be in playback singing. Even after his job, he takes out time for his passion Singing and now he is making a name for himself from Singing.

Shaad Safwi

Shaad is an epitome of magical voice. The best thing about his singing is he has his own style and that is what makes him different from the rest. Bollywood Covers, Unplugged/Acoustic, Indie Pop are his best.

Shaad Safwi

I am sure you all are excited to listen to him, check out his recent covers.


1. Aaya Na Tu


2. Dekhte Dekhte


3. Qismat

Also, check his performances in various events. Did you all listen to him? We are sure you liked his voice. Which of this cover did you like most? Let us know in the comments below. Find out the famous Bollywood Singers earnings per project.

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