The Kerala Story (TKS) OTT Release Date: This Is When And Where You Can Watch Adah Sharma’s Film

The Kerala Story 2nd Day Collection

The provocative film “The Kerala Story,” directed by Sudipto Sen and starring Adah Sharma, debuted in 2023 and caused a sensation. It aroused debate on its theme and issues. Despite becoming a blockbuster, it received criticism. And now, finally, you can enjoy The Kerala Story (TKS) on OTT. Continue reading to learn about the details of the movie.


The Kerala Story

The Kerala Story

The Kerala Story is a visually appealing narrative that is more than just an eye-opener. Kerala Story warns about the perils of criticizing certain aspects of religion in a country like India. Furthermore, it is critical to approach a delicate subject or a true-life situation in a film with extreme caution. The film’s facts are debatable, yet they cannot be considered propaganda. TKS is a courageous attempt to choose and portray a difficult, complex topic. It might have been more specific, but it lacked conviction. However, you must monitor it to be informed and cautious.

The movie caused a lot of chaos, especially in Indian society. Many supported the actors and saw it as an eye-opener. The rest of the crowd was against the movie and led campaigns against it. Many actors from the provocative film were threatened and received death threats.


The Kerala Story OTT Release Date

Regardless of its box office hit, no OTT platform initially purchased the rights to show the film. After several months, it will eventually stream on Zee5 starting February 16, 2024, with a further unexpected “The Kashmir Files, based on true events.


TKS Box Office Collection

The Kerala Story Movie Review

The film surprised the whole trading business by performing the unthinkable. The film, which had never been a source of contention before its release, achieved a box office success that many Bollywood hitters have failed to attain. When the return on investment is calculated, the picture makes a profit of 667.40 percent. It’s rather huge. It is one of the most successful films of 2023.

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