Skanda Review: Boyapati Sreenu And Ram Pothineni Are Back With Another Family Action Movie

Skanda Movie Review

Skanda, an action Telugu-language cinematic spectacle, is the work of the visionary Boyapati Sreenu. Meanwhile, it is brought to life through the creative corridors of producer Srinivasaa Chitturi in collaboration with the esteemed Zed Studios. This cinematic extravaganza features the dynamic talents of Ram Pothineni, Sreeleela, Saiee Manjrekar, and the charismatic Prince Cecil. Additionally, Skanda was out on September 28, 2023, setting the stage for a thrilling cinematic experience.


Skanda Movie Story

Skanda Ram Pothineni

In the riveting world of Skanda, our central character is Bhaskar. He is an unyielding and resolute university student driven by an unquenchable thirst for justice. This comes following the tragic loss of his loved ones.

Skanda Sreeleela

Meanwhile, in his unwavering resolve, he fearlessly crosses paths with influential figures, and his indomitable spirit remains unshaken. Through a series of pivotal encounters, Bhaskar tenaciously forges ahead on his path to seek retribution. Furthermore, he takes it upon himself to rectify the injustices that have afflicted his family.


Skanda Movie Review

Skanda Plot

Skanda offers a truly extraordinary cinematic journey. Boyapati Sreenu is famous for his mastery in crafting family-friendly action comedies with a strong commercial appeal. He also takes us on a deep exploration of themes such as courage, sacrifice, and fate. Against a backdrop of compelling storytelling and thrilling action sequences, this film delves into these profound concepts.

Ram Pothineni, famous for his versatile acting prowess, takes on the central role in Skanda. Additionally, he embodies it with a remarkable blend of strength, determination, and fiery charisma, infusing the character with a magnetic personality. Alongside him, the talented actress Sreeleela shines brilliantly in her portrayal of the female lead.

Meanwhile, the undeniable highlight of the film lies in the palpable chemistry between these two actors. It lends depth and emotional resonance to the narrative. Furthermore, the film’s technical aspects enhance the overall viewing experience. We say this as the cinematographer captures breathtaking visuals that transport the audience deep into the heart of the story. However, at times, the narrative might seem slow, and fight sequences seem overpowering.


Final Verdict

Skanda Trailer

The plot of the film follows a formula used frequently by Boyapati Sreenu. So, it might seem a bit predictable. However, it is jam-packed with intense action components. Family, love, and sacrifice are among the topics that appear in the movie. As a result, it successfully strikes a balance between its action scenes and its emotional scenes. Despite its flaws, the story captivates you from the beginning to the conclusion. We give the film 3 stars out of 5.

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