The Kerala Story 17th Day Box Office Collection: TKS Total Income Report; Will The Film Enter Rs 200 Crore Club Today?

The Kerala Story Box Office: Adah Sharma's Film Nears ₹200 Crore Milestone, Overcomes Controversies. Read this article to know more

Day 1 The Kerala Story Collection

The Kerala Story, directed by Sudipto Sen and produced by Vipul Shah, has been making waves at the box office despite its fair share of controversies. Starring Adah Sharma in the lead role, the film tackles the sensitive subject of religious conversions and follows the harrowing journey of three women. After three weeks in theaters, the film has amassed an impressive collection of ₹198.97 crore.


Steady Growth For The Kerala Story

The Kerala Story Movie Review

Despite critics labeling it a propaganda film and facing criticism for its subject matter, The Kerala Story has defied the odds and maintained its strong performance at the box office. Since its release on May 5, the film swiftly crossed the ₹150 crore mark in just over a week. It continued its strong run by minting ₹11.50 crore on its 17th day, bringing its total collection to ₹198.97 crore in 17 days.


TKS Resilient Box Office Run

The Kerala Story has showcased remarkable resilience in the face of competition. Even with the release of Fast X and the Hollywood blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, the film has managed to hold its ground. It successfully brushed aside the competition and maintained a strong position in theaters, earning itself the status of an all-time blockbuster.

The film’s box office numbers have shown consistent growth, especially during weekends. The recent weekend witnessed a significant surge, and now all eyes are on how the weekdays will sustain the film’s momentum. Despite the presence of Fast X, The Kerala Story is expected to hold well. This steady performance highlights the film’s potential to reach the coveted ₹200 crore mark.


Will It Make To The Rs 200 Crore Milestone?

The Kerala Story Film Adah

The Kerala Story stands on the brink of entering the exclusive ₹200 crore club. With its current collection standing at ₹198.97 crore, the film is expected to achieve this milestone today. The film has captivated audiences, attracting a total occupancy of 37.29% in Hindi and 27.46% in Telugu on its 17th day.


Public Reception Of The Kerala Story

The Kerala Story

Notable filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma recently expressed support for The Kerala Story. Commending its portrayal of the truth and criticizing mainstream Bollywood. The film has also gained attention from the Kerala government. Which adopted the tagline “The Real Kerala Story” in an advert marking its two years in power. The advert portrays Kerala as a progressive state, featuring CM Pinarayi Vijayan alongside representatives from various sections of society.


Real Stories Related To The Kerala Story

Adah Sharma The Kerala Story

The Kerala Story stirred controversy with its initial claim that 32,000 women from Kerala were forcefully converted to Islam. However, following court intervention, the film’s trailer description was amended. To highlight that, it portrays the true stories of three young girls from different parts of Kerala. Despite the initial backlash, the film has successfully shed light on the serious issue of forced religious conversions.

The Kerala Story, led by Adah Sharma and directed by Sudipto Sen., Continues to make a mark at the box office, with a remarkable collection of Rs 198.97 crore in just three weeks. The film is now on the verge of crossing the Rs 200 crore milestone. Despite controversies and backlash, it has managed to captivate audiences and hold its ground against tough competition. The film’s success also finds support from prominent figures in the industry, further solidifying its impact. As The Kerala Story moves forward, it serves as a testament to the power of storytelling. And its ability to shed light on pressing social issues.

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