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Anupama 19th January 2024 Today’s Episode Written Updates

Anupama Today's Episode Update

Today’s Anupama 19th January 2024 episode begins with Teetu stating that they would undoubtedly discover Ishani, while Vanraj advises him not to interfere with his family matters. Pakhi begins criticizing Dimpy for failing to look after Ishani, at which point Ishani appears in Adhik’s arms, shocking everyone in the family.

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Happy Anupama

In the meantime, Biji accompanies Anupama to their Lohri party, which makes Anupama extremely pleased, and she expresses her desire to return to India in a desi cab.


Emotional Vanraj

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Returning to the Shahs, Adhik confronts Vanraj and insists on staying despite Vanraj’s request that he go because he is in a public location rather than their home. Adhik claims that he is a pained father who will do everything for his daughter, while Vanraj requests that he stay away from his daughter immediately, which Adhik refuses since he has to see his daughter in accordance with his rights. Vanraj falls silent as Adhik remarks that Anupama should have regarded Vanraj the same after their divorce, but fate has already taken two of his boys from him, which still haunts Vanraj to this day. Vanraj becomes distraught after hearing Adhik’s remark, but Pakhi threatens to contact the police if Adhik refuses to leave her and Ishani alone from now on.


Adhik’s Threat

Adhik reminds everyone of how Pakhi abandoned him because he didn’t have enough money, and then threatens Vanraj and Pakhi to contact the police. Everyone becomes concerned when Adhik declares that he is prepared to battle them in court, following which Adhik states that he is not going to leave and that Vanraj may do anything he wishes.

Anupama Remembers Samar

Anupama Today's Episode

At the same moment, Anupama binds Paranda to her hair and accidentally hits a man named Yashdeep, Biji’s younger son. Anupama grins as she observes Biji and Yashdeep bickering, which reminds her of Samar. Biji then explained that Yashdeep would look after the restaurant for a few days because Yashpal had gone outside.

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