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Anupama 25th January 2024 Today’s Episode Written Updates

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Today’s Anupama 25th January 2024 episode begins with Yashdeep returning home and seeing Biji in a terrible mood, following which Anupama arrives and serves them tea. Anupama becomes concerned after learning about the restaurant job and its success, and she advises that they continue their culinary service solely through their home kitchen. Yashdeep loves Anupama’s plan and continues to make preparations, after which he asks Biji why she was so upset just now, to which Biji responds that she overheard Anupama and Kinjal’s whole discussion. Biji claims that Anupama’s son is unwilling to maintain contact with her, and she wants Anupama not to leave their home since she has a companion. Yashdeep informs Biji that she can’t be selfish for her well-being, to which Biji responds that she has not spoken to Anupama but feels lonely in the home with no one by her side.

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Unhappy Kids

Anupama Latest Updates

In the meantime, Titu prepares to leave the Shah house and bids farewell to the children, who cannot let him go. Titu presents the three children with exquisite origami and informs them that he cannot remain there for the rest of his life because he is a guest, but Ishani and Mahi hug Titu and request that he not go. Vanraj is disturbed as Ansh holds Teetu and urges him not to leave them, but Dimpy encourages the kids to let Titu go as he must depart without delay. Titu leaves the home, his gaze fixed on Dimpy, but Vanraj steps in between them, telling Titu that he would never be able to approach Dimpy without first confronting him.


Anuj Connects The Dots

Anuj Anupama

Meanwhile, Anuj and Shruti learn that the restaurant caught fire the night before, and Shruti wonders if Miss Joshi was one of the employees trapped inside. Anuj recalls his dreams and begins connecting the dots, after which he urges Shruti to wait until they get Miss Joshi’s contact information, but Shruti refuses to be relieved.

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