These Bollywood Actors Became Overnight Star With Their Debut Movie

Success Is Not Easy In Bollywood But These Stars Get A Hold Of It Right From The Start

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Bollywood is a place where success not only required hard work but also luck. Most of the time even hard work is not a guarantee of success. It requires a flavor of luck to taste the success. It is not easy to get the success in Bollywood industry. Most of the actors had to struggle in the beginning. Some don’t get success till years and few get success from their debut movie.

However, there are many actors who became superstars with their debut movie. Today we have compiled a list of such actors who grabbed success right from the start.


1. Mahima Chaudhry

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Mahima made her Bollywood debut opposite to King Khan with the movie Pardes. The success journey started for Mahima Chaudhry with this one and she bagged the Filmfare for Best Female Debut.


2. Shah Rukh Khan

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Shahrukh Khan made his Bollywood debut as the second lead male actor in the movie Deewana. Although, Rishi Kapoor was in the lead role. SRK made his presence felt and he ended up being quite popular.


3. Rahul Roy

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Rahul Roy played the lover boy the movie “Aashiqui”. The film was an All Time Blockbuster mainly because if itis music and it showered Rahul with opportunities as he got a queue of producers outside his house. Album of Aashiqui was one of the best selling album of all time.


4. Hrithik Roshan

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Hrithik’s debut movie made her a star overnight. He stepped foot in Bollywood with “Kaho Na Pyaar Hai”. It was Hrithik Roshan first appearance as a lead actor. The film set several records and turned out to be a success.

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