Vikram Mastaal Visited Siddhivinayak Temple And Trimbakeshwar Temple On His Birthday

Vikram Mastaal Siddhivinayak Temple

Gone are those days when our mother wants us to visit the temple and take blessings from elders on our birthdays. Now, the time is changed. Where is the party tonight? It is the most common question we ask to anyone who is celebrating their birthday. We always see celebrities’ birthday bash photos. People tend to go with the flow. It is the story of many people these days. However, Bollywood actor Vikram Mastaal did not forget his roots. Similar to previous years, Vikram Mastaal celebrated his birthday by visiting temples. In the earlier years, he celebrated his birthday by visiting Salkanpur Devi Dham. This time, as he was in Mumbai, Vikram visited Siddhivinayak Temple.


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Talking to Praneet Samaiya from Cinetales, Vikram Mastaal said,

“Being a village boy, I never forget my roots. I always thank God for what I am today. Not only on birthdays but every day. I believe in thanking God rather than being a party puff. It is not like I am against parties, I also do parties but with my family members. I personally cooked sweet on my birthday. I visited Siddhivinayak temple early morning and pray for everyone’s safety. Then I traveled to Trimbakeshwar to worship. It gives me peace and inner satisfaction.”


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He started his career on television. He is known for his role as Lord Hanuman from the iconic Ramayana telecasted in NDTV Imagine. Vikram Mastaal has worked in Bollywood movies like Suspense and Sakshi. His journey from the small screen to the road to Bollywood is very inspirational.

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