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Kundali Bhagya Today’s Episode 21st January 2024 Written Updates

Kundali Bhagya Written Update

Today’s Kundali Bhagya 21st January 2024 episode begins with Nidhi informing Rakhi that there is no need to get anything online for Kavya since she has engaged the greatest designer and would pick what Kavya wears for all of her occasions. Rakhi and Kareena are unhappy, and Rakhi informs Nidhi that she is Kavya’s grandma and wishes to choose Kavya’s clothing. She also informs her that Preeta has been talking about all the things she wants to do for Kavya’s wedding since she was a youngster, and she is familiar with them all. Continue reading to learn more about today’s episode.

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Nidhi Gets Offended

Kundali Bhagya Latest Episode Updates


Nidhi is irritated and tells her that she has been with Kavya for twenty years and now wants to determine Kavya’s clothing based on Preeta’s preferences. On the other hand, Rakhi reminds her that they have always done things her way since she was a child, but she owes it to Preeta to make her dream for Kavya a reality. Meanwhile, Rajveer searches the files in Karan’s cabin for the information before going to the bank when he can’t locate it.


Further Narrative Of Kundali Bhagya

Preeta Kundali Bhagya

The next episode begins with Karan informing the bank’s COO that he will require a loan of 200 crores for his next project. The COO notices some suspicious behavior on the CCTV camera’s display and investigates further. He is terrified to see some men with firearms threatening the cashier and other clients, and he yells with concern that there are robbers in the bank. Karan, too, glances up, horrified to see the thieves. Meanwhile, the robber examines the CCTV footage and informs everyone that his name is Mask and he is very dangerous.

At the same moment, one of the bank’s employees attempts to flee the premises but is apprehended by the robber, who kills her. The girl is shot in the leg and collapses to the floor, sobbing in pain. Meanwhile, Preeta and Kavya hide behind the table to evade the thief. Elsewhere, Mahesh and others are watching the news of a bank heist on television. Dadi informs Mahesh that it is the same bank where Kavya and Karan went.

What will happen next in Kundali Bhagya? Let us know what you think in the comment section below. We are also looking forward to hearing from you! Also, tune into Kundali Bhagya at 9:30 PM to discover what happens next. Also, stay tuned for further updates.

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