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Our most loved Bollywood actress Sridevi’s sudden demise in the last month has left everyone sad and shocked. Hansal Mehta posted on Twitter to share this grief by the post: “There can never be another Sridevi. I was planning to approach her for my film. Now, that film will be dedicated to her. Only if we find an actor.” When asked about the project, he told IANS that, “I will forever regret that I did not approach her and could not make a film with her. But I will surely make a film on her now.”


Her surreal beauty with a charming smile and her perfect dance moves, Sridevi was a diva. She began acting at the age of four and took this as her profession. And she could do myriad roles easily. Playing a double role in “ChaalBaaz”, a woman having retrograde amnesia in the film “Sadma”, a characterised woman in “Nagina”, a gorgeous lady in “Mr. India”, a perfect mother in “English Vinglish”, and also a mother in “Mom”, Sridevi could get into any character effortlessly.

Sridevi and Vidya Balan

Hansal Mehta Said,

“It will be surely made,” he assured everyone, adding: “There are some actors (who I want to take, in my mind). I might approach the talented, Vidya Balan. And the film is coming soon” he said confidently.

Hansal Mehta

With his upcoming film “Omerta”, Mehta wants to “provoke a thought”. He said, “My intentions are not to disturb anyone. My intentions are to provoke some thoughts. My intentions are to let people have their own emotions, own questions after watching the film. “This film carries a  variety of meanings for everyone. For some, it seems a thriller, for some, it might be very cool. During a festival, women wanted to have a look of Rajkumar Rao. They loved his amazing evil act in the film.

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Vidya Balan seems to be a perfect actress to fit in the role of Sridevi for her biopic. We all know that Vidya has done an amazing act in the film, ‘The Dirty Picture’. She is the best to perform this role. We are looking forward to the biopic and also praying for Sridevi. She was an inspiration to many. Have a look at her best performances in the film industry here.

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