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Anupama 27th December 2023 Today’s Episode Written Updates

Anupama Today's Episode Update

Vanraj, Leela, and Ansh are shown enjoying breakfast together at the dining table in the opening scene of today’s Anupama 27th December 2023 episode, with Dimpy serving the meal. When Ansh insists on eating nachos instead of the oatmeal that Dimpy has brought, she chastises him for his obstinate behavior. While speaking with her great-grandchild, Leela asks Dimpy to remain silent, so Dimpy withdraws from the interaction. Ansh suddenly pays attention when Vanraj promises to purchase a new video game if he eats his meal like a friendly kid.

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Vanraj Assures Leela

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Dimpy brings a package from Kinjal, which disappoints Leela because they haven’t seen Toshu or Kinjal in the last five years and have only been able to see photos of Pari’s childhood. After Vanraj states that they can do nothing if their kids decide they no longer want to live with them, Leela discusses Pakhi and how she split up with Adhik. Leela claims that rather than raising her baby alone in Delhi, she has repeatedly urged Pakhi to move in with them and care for her kid. Vanraj asks Leela to take care of Ansh first and then tells her he will attempt to bring Pakhi with him the next time he visits Delhi.


Anupama Thanks God

Anupama Today's Episode

Anupama recalls Vikram telling her that since Shruti is a frequent customer, she would bring the bag to the restaurant shortly. She cleans the room and makes it feel like home, and on the second night, she rests on a mound of boxes and thanks God for providing her with a roof over her head.


Anuj Apologizes To Aadhya

Anuj Anupama

In another scene, Anuj prepares Chinese food for Aadhya while informing her that she has the most outrageous requests at odd night hours. When Anuj accidentally names Aadhya Choti, her grin vanishes. She then informs him that she detests the term and doesn’t want Anuj to repeat it after apologizing to Aadhya for addressing her by that name.


Anuj And Aadhya’s Fight

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Anuj tries to speak with Anu about her tardiness and her presence on social media. According to Aadhya, she creates timelines on social media so Anuj may follow her and see who she is hanging out with. When Anuj attempts to explain to Aadhya that she should cut back on her social media use, she brands him a dull Gujarati parent, and they get into a fight. When Aadhya and Anuj complain to Shruti about one another, Shruti settles the dispute by giving Aadhya new trainers for her sports day.

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