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Anupama 5th January 2024 Today’s Episode Written Updates

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Today’s Anupama 5th January 2024 episode begins with Vikram spotting Anupama in the restaurant preparing a halwa and asking her what she is doing. He questions Anupama, about where she acquired the ingredients for the dinner. Anupama responds that she bought them using money given by Yashpal’s mother. Anupama explains that she is preparing the meal for Shruti’s daughter, Aadhya since it is improper to enter someone’s home without bringing a gift. Vikram comments on Anupama’s values, causing her to smile, and she eagerly awaits the following day’s visit to Shruti’s house. Continue reading to know more about today’s episode.

Kavya’s Pov

Anupama Dimpy Kavya

Meanwhile, Vanraj is troubled by Teetu’s statements from the previous day and advises Kavya to think twice before uttering something from now on. Anupama finds a piece of paper that Santa handed her at the airport and invites her to jot down her Christmas wishes at night. Anupama recalls her history and questions herself about what she desires in her life. Kavya claims she is only suffering setbacks because her daughter is being reared on Vanraj’s money. Vanraj instructs Kavya to follow Anupama’s advice because she is the one Kavya constantly idolizes.


Pakhi Doesn’t Care

Pakhi Anupama

Dimpy, by mistake splashes water on Vanraj’s shoes at the breakfast table and reaches down to brush it away. Vanraj informs her that daughters shouldn’t touch the feet of others and that he is not criticizing her. Kavya realizes Vanraj is attempting to influence Dimpy emotionally but chooses to keep mute. At this point, Pakhi arrives to notify her that she is coming to her house for a gathering. Leela is shocked to learn that Pakhi plans to leave Ishani at home. She recalls how she always intended to be a mother, but now she doesn’t care. Pakhi goes without complying with Leela’s advice, and Vanraj follows suit.


Shruti Is Pleased

Shruti Anupama

Anupama begins her new day and arrives at Shruti’s residence. Shruti greets Anupama as she attempts to cook. Shruti is pleased to receive Anupama’s presents, following which she takes her to the kitchen and asks Anupama to prepare something Indian for Aadhya. Anupama compliments Shruti on her gorgeous home and promises that the cuisine will suit her family’s tastes.

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