Sakshi Trailer Review: This Romantic Thriller Is Looking Promising


Vikram Mastal and Madhumita Biswas’s new movie Sakshi trailer is out. The trailer is looking promising and it is scheduled for a theatrical release. Sakshi is directed by Ajay Ram. It is the second movie of Vikram Mastal and Madhumita Biswas together after the movie Suspense. The movie also stars Gehana Vasisth and Yugansh Juneja.


Sakshi Trailer

Sakshi Trailer
Still From Trailer

A 2 minutes 2 seconds trailer starts with Vikram Mastal playing the role of Virat Chaudhary. He is facing some paranormal activities in the house as seen in the trailer. Virat is engaged to Prachi played by Madhumita Biswas. They soon get to marry in the next two months. But, a shocking incident changes the life of Virat and Prachi. From the trailer, it looks like Virat is possessed. A godman advises the couple to get married as earliest. Will Virat be able to marry Prachi? We need to watch the movie to find out.


Sakshi Trailer Review

Sakshi Trailer
Still From Trailer

Vikram Mastal is looking impressive. This is a different kind of character he has played from his previous movie Suspense. His expressions and dialogue delivery were right on top in the trailer. Madhumita Biswas looked good in the trailer. She is a prominent character in the movie. Vikas Giri has written the story of Sakshi. From the trailer, the story is looking gripping with thrill and romance. Director Ajay Ram is bringing another suspense and a thrilling movie for the audiences. The music is catchy. The songs Riski Riski and Kasam Tumko Ye Meri Hai are already released. Priya Dubey who sang the song Kasam Tumko Ye Meri Hai is too good to listen to. The song can also be heard in the trailer and the melodious voice of Priya Dubey added the flavor of romance in the trailer. Sunidhi Chauhan sang the party song Riski Riski.

Overall, looking at the trailer, Sakshi is looking promising. The theatres were closed for around 7 months and now with Sakshi coming this Diwali, it will be a treat for the audiences. Sakshi will be a masala entertainer with twists and suspense to spice it up with some romance and comedy. Have you watched the trailer of the movie Sakshi? How was it? Let us know in the comments below.

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